Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final Update


It's officially official! He had a meeting at 8 am with his new supervisor and they offered him the position! He couldn't negotiate the pay (so he's still making the same as he was before) but he does get a company vehicle! He'll have the same benefits, etc. His start date is November 17th! He's very excited! So am I! :) (and I know Emelie will be too! haha)

Thank everyone so much for your prayers! God has blessed our family so much this year. My parents are getting ready to move into their dream house, both of my brothers have found wonderful Godly women to serve the Lord with, the boys have their dream jobs, Kate just got a new (and better!) job, we were blessed with a little one, everyone's healthy and able. GOD IS SO GOOD!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Listen to our Baby!!

We had our 12 week check-up today. Everything is looking and SOUNDING good! :) Here's the video of our baby's heartbeat for the grandmas! :) The heart rate was in the 160s!

(Please ignore my ugly belly and that silly grin on my face!)

We don't go back until Dec 8th. They'll do a few test then and an ultrasound. We'll be able to find out what it is then. But don't get too excited. We won't be telling anyone what is it until Christmas. Claire has already pouted about it but everyone will have to deal. We had wanted to wait to tell everyone we were preggers but since we had to have IUI, everyone knew right away. So for this, you'll have to wait. Plus, it goes with the presents we're getting everyone. haha

Update on David's job thing: He has a meeting w/the supervisor tomorrow morning. Keep praying! :)

The saga continues.....

Alrighty, here's the latest development in David's job situation. He got an e-mail today from his would-be supervisor asking if he was still interested in the position he has applied and interviewed 3 times for. David said "of course!" After having technical issues over the weekend, and not having anyone to fix them, they've opened the position back up. They've made some changes to the job. They changed the name & made it hourly instead of salary but they're still offering a company vehicle. The super said he'd let David know something soon. (here we go again!) :)

So, I'm commissioning everyone who reads this to PRAY! and tell everyone else to pray! :)

Also, go vote tomorrow!

We're off to hear our baby's heart beat! *squeal!*