Wednesday, December 24, 2014


-- While I was frying bacon to use for cheese fries, Josh came in & asked what the bacon was for. I just waggled my eyebrows at him and he said, "Bacon pie?!!!!" 

-- Joshua & I were talking about all the things we would see and do when we go to Washington DC next year. 
Joshua: Will we see the President?
Me: No. We can go by the house he lives in but we can't see him. 
Joshua: Why not?
Me: Well, he's a very important person and is busy and not just anyone is allowed to meet him. 
Joshua: The President is mean!
Me: Mean? Why do you say that?
Joshua: Because! When people say a lie, he says, "WRONG!!!!" and bangs his little hammer thing. 
Me: I think you're thinking about a judge. The President isn't a judge. 

-- I love Joshua's sense of humor. We recently saw his school counselor in Target and after getting over the shock of seeing a teacher outside of school (because they live there, right?!), he told me that she comes to his class and reads books to the students. I asked, "What kind of books?" He answered, "Ask her." I refused and told him that I wanted him to tell me. We went back and forth about it a few times. I insisted he tell me and he laughed and said, "The book is called 'Ask Her'. I laughed and said, "Are you tricking me?" He cracks himself up. :)

-- Grammy was talking to Joshua about shapes. 
Grammy: How many sides does a pentagon have? 
Josh: What's a pentagon?
Grammy: You haven't learned about pentagons yet?
Josh: No. It sounds scary!

-- I said something to David about someone being charged with fraud and Josh said, "Who got attacked by a frog?" 

-- It had been a long week for us and we were dragging by Thursday morning. I went in to wake Joshua up for school: 
Me: Good morning! It's time to get up. 
Josh: *moan*
Me: I could sleep for a while longer, how about you?
Josh: *raises hand*
Me: Why did you raise your hand?
Joshua: More sleep. 

-- Can we go Christmas Carolson? (Christmas Caroling)

-- Grandma was telling me about her wedding ring being too big and that she was afraid she'd lose it down the sink. Joshua piped up and said, "You should have a wedding bracelet, then it wouldn't fall down the sink!"

-- Joshua is a little confused about the lyrics of "Silent Night": Silent night, hold me tight

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


-- Joshua: Mama, what is that cricket noise?
Me: It's a cricket. 
Joshua: But I thought crickets only crick at nighttime. 
Me: Some crickets crick during the day, too. 

-- Yelled from the other room: "Mommy, Daddy's in an attitude!!"

-- Joshua: Is it gonna be cold today?
Me: Yes. It will be cool all week.
Joshua: When it will be snow!

-- Josh is learning -ap words this week:

Me: "The ___(map)___ is of North Carolina." What is that a picture of?
Josh: A sign?
Me: No. It's kind of like a sign that gives you directions. It starts with "mmmmm..."
Josh: 'Murica!

-- "Baseball gloves look like five hot dog buns." 

-- Josh: I want to be a screeching eel for Halloween. (From the Princess Bride.)
Me: I thought you wanted to be Harry Potter.
Josh: But a screeching eel is scarier.
Me: If you're a screeching eel, no one will know who you are.
Josh: Uh huh, I'll just say 'Trick or treat; I'm Josh!'

-- Me: You get to see all of your cousins this weekend!
Josh: ALL of them?!
Me: Yes! Jackson, Holt, & Hayes will all be at Poppa & Grammy's. 
Josh: What about Liam?
Me: No, Liam won't be there.
Josh: But Liam is my cousin!
Me: Yes, Liam is your cousin. But it's a different kind of cousin b/c his Mama & your Mama are cousins so y'all are 2nd cousins. Jackson, Holt & Hayes are your 1st cousins. It's complicated. But technically, they're all your cousins. 
Josh: And that guy that lives with Chris? 
Me: Finley?
Josh: Yes, Finley. He's my cousin.
Me: Yes, he's your 2nd cousin, too. Finley, Liam & the new baby are all your 2nd cousins. 

-- Josh has always liked rhyming and does it every chance he gets; even if he has to make up words to make it work. He also does a "as a" thing constantly. 

Clean as a bean
Hungry as a bun
Crazy as a bazy
Gross as a bross

-- Josh: Grammy!! I know where we can eat supper!
Grammy: Where?!
Josh: At Wheel Barrel!
Grammy: Where?
Josh: Wheel Barrel.
Grammy: You mean Cracker Barrel?
Josh: Oh, yea!

-- Josh: I'm gonna be the Ring Bear at Emily's wedding. 
Me: Yes, and guess what?!
Josh: What?
Me: Remember that wedding we went to that was outside and we danced?
Josh: Yes.
Me: Their ring bearer didn't really carry the rings. But YOU are gonna carry the real rings! So you have a very important job!
Josh: So I'll give them their rings?
Me: You'll probably give them to Grandaddy and he'll give them to Jason & Emily. 
Josh: Grandaddy?!
Me: Yes! He's going to officiate the wedding if he's feeling better. We need to pray that he'll be feeling really good then.
Josh: I hope God knows.
Me: Knows what?
Josh: That Grandaddy is doing the wedding!
Me: He knows. :)

-- Josh to David: If you go to that NC State game, you're gonna be a Wolfpacker the whole rest of your life!

-- While packing his lunch box:
Me: Do you want the applesauce we made or the kind in the fridge?
Josh: Your kind tastes the best but I want to take this kind. 
Me: Very diplomatic of you, kid. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


-- Joshua: Grammy, why is that saw horse wobbly?
Grammy: Because the screws are loose.
Joshua: They're bolts; not screws. 

-- Grammy was telling Poppa about Josh correcting her on the bolt/screw thing. 
Joshua: Am I right, Poppa?
Poppa: You're a Hand. Of course, you're right. 
Grammy: He's not a Hand. He's a White. 
Joshua: I'm RIGHT, not WHITE.
Grammy: Your last name is White. 
Joshua: Oh, yea. 

-- Poppa was preaching about the Holy Spirit and how God chose a dove to represent the Holy Spirit when Jesus was baptized. He said, "God didn't choose an eagle or a sparrow. He chose a dove." Joshua asked me, "A duck?!?!"

-- Joshua: I wanna go to Holt's. 
Me: Why?
Joshua: 'Cause I just love Holt!

-- "There's a race car in that building. In the three market." (Flea market)

-- David: Do you wanna build a snowman? 
Joshua: 😐
David: Come on, you know you want to. 
Joshua: Yea, I really do. And throw snowballs. But it's summer. 

-- "Do they have any food here? Hey, where's the vegetarian room?" (cafeteria)

-- While doing homework:

Me: Which one of these rhymes with "mug" and "plug"? 
Joshua: Doug! I mean, rug. 
Me: Correct. 
Joshua: And, Doug. 

-- Joshua had his first field trip Friday. They visited the "community helpers" around town: post office, ems, police, fire station, etc. Josh was most excited about getting the chance to ride a school bus for the first time. 

Joshua: Hey T, you know what? We don't even have to wear seat belts on the bus!
T: Yea! That's so cool!

-- Joshua: The police station doesn't do anything. They just sit in the shade and cool off. 
Me: Oh, yea!? Who told you that?
Joshua: Cause they only have one jail. They don't even catch bad guys. But they do keep eyes on someone. Well, what do they do? 

Thursday, August 14, 2014


I've had a stressful week and need a pick-me-up. Maybe you do, too? Here are a few Joshisms to start your weekend off right! :)

-- Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Joshua: A policeman.
Me: Oh yea? How come?
Joshua: So I can speed and it will tickle my tummy when I go fast over hills.

-- "Can I have some of those tomato chips?" (potato chips)

-- "Mom! A hurming bird just came to the window!" (Sounds like something Madea would say. ;))

-- Joshua: Have you heard the song, 'I love peanuts'?
Me: No.
Joshua: Well, you're 'bout to hear it! *starts singing*

-- Joshua walked down to Grandpa Hand's garden during a quick visit a few weekends ago. He went down there to find Grandpa but they missed each other on his way down and Grandpa was already back at the house. I went out to tell Josh to come back up but he couldn't hear me all the way down the hill. A few seconds later, I saw him coming around the garage and up the hill at full speed. He was mouthing, "Keep running! Keep running!"

Me: Is something chasing you?
Joshua: There's something down there!!!!
Me: What is it?!
Joshua: I don't know! It's a person, I think.
Me: *laughing* It's a scarecrow!
Joshua: I thought maybe it was a zombie but I wasn't sure!

-- Joshua's homework instructions: Draw and color 5 things that begin with T and label.

Joshua: I'm drawing a bear.
Me: Bear doesn't begin with the letter T.
Joshua: Oh, I'm drawing a chicken, then.
Me: Chicken doesn't begin with the letter T, either.
Joshua: Okay, I'll draw a turkey!

-- Josh fell while riding his bike and got a few nasty scrapes. David was trying to cheer him up and told him that, "Chicks dig scars."

Joshua: Chicks?
Me: Girls.
Joshua: Dig?
Me: Like.
Joshua: I dig you, Mom.
Me: I dig you, too, Josh.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


-- "Can I have some ice cream? A nutty bar...a nutty friend?" (Nutty buddy) 😊

-- David: *singing* Do you wanna build a snowman?
Joshua: *singing* Yes, but it's spring time!!!

-- While we had the scale out to weigh Tank (61 pounds at 9 months old, btw), Joshua decided to weigh himself. From the other room I heard, "46H. That's how much I weigh now!"

-- "a pack of abs" = A pack of Nabs

-- "Wizard Afoz" = Wizard of Oz

-- Grammy: Are you gonna call me tomorrow and sing to me?
Joshua: Sure, I will. Why?
Grammy: Tomorrow's my birthday!
Joshua: Awesome!
Grammy: I'm gonna be 7!
Joshua: 7?! Wow! You're not as older as I thought!
Grammy: How old did you think I was?
Joshua: 24. 

-- While browsing the toy section in Target: "Let's go to the next island." (Aisle)

-- "Wicky Waama" (Willy Wonka)

-- We had steaks for dinner and after Josh had eaten all of his vegetables, he said, "I don't want to eat any of my chicken." (When you're 5, all meat is chicken.) ;)

-- To Grammy: "Don't be scared like you think Christmas isn't coming."
We asked Joshua where he heard that and he said he "telled it to himself." Silly kid! 

-- While answering a question David asked him: "I do. I do do and you do do, too!"

-- "Lectrickity" = Electricity

Friday, May 30, 2014


-- I want to eat spaghetti with chip-chops. (Chopsticks)

-- Joshua was telling me about a motorcycle that could drive up trees and do all this crazy stuff and I said, "Wow, that's incredible!" He replied, "Speaking of incredible, I watched the Incredibles movie last week!"

-- "Thank you for our food, thank you for everything, God. Thank you for our family and for Jesus and thank you for BoBerry biscuits. Amen."

-- Joshua: Mom, do you know where my rain thing is?
Me: What rain thing?
Joshua: That thing shaped like this...*waves his hands over his head*. A rain hood!
Me: Your umbrella!
Joshua: Yes! Umbrella. 
Me: It's in the front closet. Good description!

-- We went to Chick-Fil-A and Sweet Frog one evening and while Jackson was finishing up his yogurt, I made Josh go into Hallmark with me. Then we went down to Walmart and walked around. On the way back to get in our car, the employees from Hallmark were leaving. 

Josh: Woah, all those cars are leaving at one time!"
Me: Yea, they all work at Hallmark together.
Josh: Well, when I go to school, do you want to work at Hallmark? You can get whatever you want and spend time there!

-- Joshua: When I'm a grown up, will Grammy be dead?
Me: I don't know, buddy. Like when you're my age?
Joshua: Yes. 
Me: Well, my grandparents are all still alive so maybe your grandparents will live a long time, too. 
Joshua: How old is Poppa?
Me: In his fifties. 
Joshua: How old is Grammy?
Me: In her fifties. 
Joshua: Wow! They're the same height!

-- Me: If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Joshua: Ummm, maybe to the mountains. Well, not quite the mountains. Like where Grammy lives. 
Me: Grammy doesn't live in the mountains.
Joshua: I know. I said "not quite the mountains". 

Sunday, April 27, 2014


-- Mama was talking about a soup she had eaten while on a trip and said that it was made with "chicken broth." Joshua, who was listening, asked, "Chicken bra??!"

-- Joshua: Mom, know what my favorite movie is?
Me: What?
Joshua: Star Vors. (Star Wars)
Me: Oh, yea?
Joshua: Yea. You know, with the electric swords?

-- "This little piggy went to Chick-fil-a, this little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had Sweet Frog, this little piggy had none. And this little piggy went wwweeeeeeeeeeee all the way home."

-- While listening to On The Way Home by John Mayer, the song goes, "Grass is greener..." and Joshua said, "Yea, grass is green. What you think it is?!"

-- Joshua was telling Grammy about the rides he was planning to ride at Busch Gardens. He was super excited about the "bumping cars". 

-- While riding home from the store:
Joshua: Hey, that's my school!
Me: Yep. I'm so excited about you going to school. I'll miss you all day but you're gonna have so much fun!
Joshua: I'll miss you, too, but when I come home, I'll have a big smile on my face. 
Me: I know you will. You're gonna do awesome!

-- Me: What do you want for your birthday? 
Joshua: A scooter.
Me: Okay, what else?
Joshua: Um...maybe some seeds for our garden?

-- Joshua: By the way, you cook really good.
David: Thanks, buddy. 

-- "Mom, can you reforward it to my favorite part?" (He wanted me to fast-forward to his favorite part of a movie."

Friday, April 11, 2014


-- Josh made a rhyme and laughed out loud at himself: 

Joshua: If I don't eat every day, I'll die!
Me: Says who?
Joshua: Says Sue!

-- At the end of soccer practice, Coach Mike got all the kids together and told them they were playing the Eagles on Saturday and gave them a little pep talk. When we got in the car to go home, Joshua said, "Hey Mom, we're playing the Seagulls on Saturday!"

-- At Sunday dinner:
David: Josh, are you going to ask the blessing or am I?
Joshua: Me. Since *I* went to church. . .
(As if we hadn't gone to church, too!) 

-- Me: What kind of ice cream do you want?
Joshua: That kind with the tiny little cup things in it. 
Me: Moose Tracks?
Joshua: Yea, Moose Traps.
Me: Not Moose Traps. 
Joshua: Moose Craps?

-- Joshua: You can fart in our car if you want to, Grammy. 
Grammy: Oh, thank you!
(She didn't, btw. 😉)

-- While playing Buzzword with Grammy:
Grammy: Okay, these answers have the word "foot" in them. If you aren't wearing shoes, you are…????
Joshua: Foots-naked? 

-- Joshua: Mom, I saw a bird that was this big.
Me: Did it have a long tail?
Joshua: Yes. It was grey and white. 
Me: We call that kind a "cat bird."
Joshua: Sweet! It didn't have whiskers, though. *walks away laughing at his little joke*

-- "I really like those shoe scooters. Maybe that would be a good idea for my birthday."  
(Shoe scooters = roller skates)

-- Joshua: Mom, know how I know everything? 
Me: How?
Joshua: God just tells me it.
Me: Oh, really?
Joshua: Yep. God, and you, and Dad, and Chris. I wish I had a guitar like Chris. A plug in one and a not plug in one. (Plug in guitar = electric guitar and not plug in one = acoustic guitar)

-- While driving home today, Joshua and I got to talking about when he was born. I told him he was born in the middle of the night and that when we called everyone to tell them we were on our way to the hospital, we woke them up. He found it inconsiderate that we would choose to have a baby during the night and ruin everyone's night of sleep.  

Joshua: Whew, I bet they were sleepy when they got there (the hospital). 
Me: Yes, we were all sleepy because we had to stay up all night.
Joshua: Why didn't we do it when it was morning?!
Me: HA!!! You can't always plan when you have a baby. Some babies just come when they're ready. 
Joshua: Well, I would want to have a baby in the morning. 

-- We have a CD that my cousin, Chris, and his friend, Jacob, made when they were in high school. Josh asks to listen to it every time we're in the car. One of the songs they recorded is When the Rain Comes by Third Day. Joshua has been singing this song while playing and during quiet time. Today, it went like this: "I can't stop the rain…why can't he just get an umbrella?" So we chatted about metaphorical rain.   

Thursday, March 13, 2014


-- While watching Hook, and hearing about orphans: "Why do they call them 'orphans'? That's kind of mean. Orphans. Doesn't that sound like a mean name?"

-- On the way home from the dentist, where he had nitrous oxide and numbing medicine: "My teeth are dancing and singing!"

-- "My tooth is a little bit sore from all that research they did on it. Research means work."

-- While driving home from Gasburg:
David: Well, people are passing me like I'm standing still so I'm gonna speed up!
Joshua: It's okay, Dad. You don't have to speak up. I understand. 

-- We were visiting with the family after the wedding Saturday evening and Josh looked at Karen, whom we sat with at dinner, and said, "Hey, you were at that wedding!"

-- Bedtime prayer 3/9/14: "Thank You for our food. . .oh, man, that was my food prayer! Oh, man! Thank You for our family and thank You for our food that we ate today and thank You for You. Thank you for Holt and for Daddy to be safe at work tomorrow and to drive safe so he doesn't get in a crash. And I hope Dixie sleeps well tonight because she just burped and goodnight everyone. Amen."

-- Joshua was preaching to us at Poppa & Grammy's and it was time for communion. He passed out raisins to everyone: Poppa, Grammy, Megan, Jackson, me and even Dixie. ;) He told us we would all take communion at the same time and Grammy asked him why we take communion. He said, "To remember Jesus." So, Josh counted to 11 and we all took our communion. . .all of us except Poppa. Poppa had given his raisin to Jackson, who had more than his fair share of "communion". ;) Joshua was appalled and said, "Poppa won't remember Jesus!" 

-- Me: Time to get up, Bubba.
Joshua: Do we have to go to the dentist?
Me: No!
Joshua: Then WHY do we have to get up?!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Lately. . .

I haven't written a real post in ages. I'm lazy. And boring. A LOT has happened since I wrote last and I know I'll leave something out but here's the catch-up:

We moved out of the city last September. I thought I would miss being so close to everything but I really haven't. We're close enough to Target, grocery stores, and restaurants that we can get there in less than 10 min but still far enough away to feel like we're in the country so it's a nice spot to be in. We're still renting but we're in a house! We love it. We've had fun, and have been busy, making it our own. I painted the bedrooms and living room before we moved in. I added a chalkboard wall in the dining room. David recently hung the tv on the wall and stashed the dvd player and apple tv in the closet; something he's wanted to do for years. It looks nice up on the wall and I like having one less piece of furniture to dust. 

We have a fenced in back yard and a deck with a screened in porch. I'm so anxious for Spring so we can open the doors to the porch on warm days and air the house out. This winter has been a long one for me. Claire got us a fire pit for Christmas and we're looking foward to using it! 

We have awesome neighbors. They've been a huge blessing to us. From letting Josh hang out while I painted the house (Josh was SO bored while I painted!), to GIVING us a deep freezer and dining table & chairs, to letting us borrow shovels and rakes and anything we need. They're awesome and Josh has really enjoyed playing with their kiddos. They have 4 kids and their youngest is only a week or so younger than Josh. Pretty cool. 

We got a puppy in October! Josh named him Tank and apparently he is appropriately named. He will be 6 months old on March 6th and weighs 52 pounds. He gained 2 pounds just this week!!! He is a walker hound/lab mix and I doubt he'll be 100 pounds but he will be tall. He's all legs and reminds me of Marmaduke. Josh and Tanker are good buddies. They snuggle a lot and wrestle a lot. Tank will even wrap his paw around Josh's leg and trip him so they can wrestle. I need to get it on video. Josh has handled the responsibility of having a pet really well. He loves to take care of Tank. He feeds him, plays with him, and enjoys giving him baths. I've really enjoyed watching them bond over the last few months. 

David has been busy at work and has been rewarded by his efforts with a few raises. He likes what he's doing and is working for some good people. He's also doing awesome in school and will finish in August!!! Major partying will occur! He's got a crazy high GPA and made the Dean's List last semester. Bless him, he doesn't get a break from work, family, or school (no summer breaks) and he's balanced it all amazingly well. I couldn't be prouder of him. He takes such good care of our little family and I'd be lost without him. 

Joshua is turning 5 (😳) in May!!! This means Kindergarten is in his not too distant future. And since the elementary school here in town has a year-round schedule, it starts sooner rather than later! I'm talkin' July, people! He is stoked to start "real" school. I had a freak out moment and thought that he would be behind since he was a little shaky on identifying letters, numbers, etc. so we started homeschool preschool with a letter of the week curriculum. It's an awesome program. I highly reccommend it and think it's worth the money (super cheap, btw). We're finishing up week 5 today and Josh is rocking this school stuff! He has already learned how to spell "Dad" and "Top" from memory and at this rate will be reading before school starts. Now I'm worried he'll be bored at school! I need to just chill out. 😉 We're close enough to walk to school and that will be fun. Josh's friend across the street will also start school this year and they're excited about starting together. 

We have a busy March ahead of us. Next week will be a crazy one. David will attend his first UNC game AT UNC (a check off his bucket list) thanks to a customer at his office. 😝👎  Josh and I are heading to Matt & Megan's to hang out with Jackson for a day. Josh has to have some dental work done Wednesday. Josh's first soccer season also starts next week. He has practice Thursday evening and his first game is Saturday morning. Then we're off to VA for the rest of the weekend to celebrate Brenden & Alex's wedding! Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. We'll survive and take it easy the next week. 

Speaking of Josh's dental work: Josh has been complaining of one of his molars hurting when he brushes his teeth and occasionally when he eats. I could see that it had a cavity so I took him in. The dentist says his teeth aren't textbook "soft", but the enamel didn't calcify completely on some of his teeth, causing soft spots and making his teeth more prone to cavities. Ugh. I hate that for him. Anyway, the tooth with the cavity isn't septic, thank God, but is very close to the nerve and therefore must be cleaned out really well and have a crown put on. Ugh, again. He'll basically have a root canal, which the dentist says isn't quite as painful for kids as for adults. I'm not sure the reason, but I'm choosing to believe her. I'm concerned about a few things for next week, so if you've got the gumption to pray specific prayers for us, I'd appreciate keeping the following in mind: first of all, please pray for a calmness of spirit for Josh. I'm nervous for him. It's a lot to handle at 4 years old and even though I've explained it to him, I doubt he understands how major it is. The dentist doesn't do in-house sedations but will give him laughing gas to help calm him a bit. They say they explain everything before and during and they certainly did during his check-up this week. Josh seemed very comfortable and I felt all was fine, too. I won't be able to be in the room with him so I'm already anxious about that. He has asked if I'll be there with him. I explained that I'd have to watch through the window so the Doctor can have Josh's full attention when working (I understand the reasoning but it still freaks me out!) and told him that if he needed me, I'd be able to come in. Seeing as how he acts much older than 4, I think he'll handle it like a pro. I tend to not give him enough credit when big stuff happens. Also pray for pain management during and after. I have no idea what to expect and have promised an afternoon full of movies and snuggles on the couch. I think we'll both need it! Another stressor for me is the cost. We don't have dental insurance, so we have a bill of at least $500 looming over us for next week. 😖 I really do hate that the world runs on money. 

So, pray for calmness of spirit, no pain, and that our money tree blooms before Wednesday. 😉

Joshua and I are heading up to see the Greats today and Saturday. They're all doing really well after several long months of health issues and it will be good to help them get a few things done around the house and visit. 

I'd love to write more often but I really don't think we're fascinating enough. Ha! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014


-- Joshua: When they make ice, the water freezes to the shape of a banana and then they chop it up. 
Me: You think so?
Joshua: Well, I guess!

-- While eating salad for dinner: "Where did you even get these cumcubers? They're so good!"

-- Josh: Let's have a fiasco!
Me: (Thinking he was thinking of a different word) What's a fiasco? 
Josh: Like those parties they have?
Me: A fiesta!
Josh: Yes! Let's have that. 

-- Joshua: Why does dip go back after you draw in it? (He was eating carrots and ranch dressing and was watching it fill in where he had dipped the carrot.)
Me: *silence*
Joshua: Ask Mr Doug (Uncle Doug). He's crazy about things. 

-- While picking out a "Valenstine's Day" card for his Daddy, Joshua saw a card with Cupid shooting an unsuspecting couple and said, "Mom, look! That angel is shooting them!" 

-- Joshua: We like the Har-Teels, right Dad? 
David: Tar-Heels!!!
Joshua: Tar-Heels. I got it. 
*3 minutes later*
Joshua: Oh, I love the Har-Teels. Har-Teels? Har-Teels. Dad, we like the Har-Teels?! 

-- We kept Dixie for my parents this past week and Josh really loves her. He was her first boy and she was the first dog he spent any real time around. She's very passive and will let him do just about anything to her. He and David gave Dixie and Tank a bath and after they had dried Dixie off, I looked over and Josh was holding Dixie's face and saying, "You're a precious girl. You're such a precious girl."

-- Bodie: Josh, can you whistle?
Joshua: Yes *whistles*
Bodie: I can't. 
Joshua: That's ok, you'll get used to it. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014


-- "He maaakessssssss stuff." (Lyrics to a song Josh was singing about God.)

-- Me: Josh, don't you and Tank get too rough in there!
Josh: I'm amn't!

-- Josh was trying to tell David something and it was taking him a minute to get the words out. David said, "Spill the beans!" Josh pretended to pour beans into the floor. A little later Josh said to David, "Dad! Pour the beans!" 

-- Joshua: It isn't Christmas time anymore. 'Cause nobody has their lights up like at Uncle Bonnie's anymore. 
Me: Yea, everybody takes their lights down after Christmas. 
Joshua: I know. Isn't it a bummer?!

-- "Thank you for our foods, thank you for our blessing and help Grandaddy to feel better...Grandad in the mountains...with no dog. And thank you for the dead mans and the babies that died with him. Yea, and amen." 
(A man named Pearson is buried across the field at Grandad & Grandmom's and when anything strange happens, we blame "Old Man Pearson" for causing it. He has two or three smaller graves near his with only head and foot stones and Josh believes there are babies buried there.)

-- "Look, Mom. I got a bebit card to put in my wallet!" (Debit card)

-- A text from Grammy: He's getting dressed now. I asked if he needed clean underwear. He said "Nope. These are good for one more day."

-- A text from Grammy: He just got dressed. I said I would take a picture. He said, "Wait let me get my shoes on. You can get the app on and take pictures of yourself while you wait for me." (I have no idea where he got the selfie idea...I do NOT take selfies.)

-- While setting up to play "Sorry", Joshua asks Tank if he wanted to play. I said, "He might want to play." Josh said, "You can't play, don't have any tums!" (Thumbs) 

-- While playing with Grammy's old cell phone, a Blackberry, Josh asks, "Where is the Facetime button on this thing?!"  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

End of the Year Interview

Joshua made a carrot out of Play-doh

1) What is your name? Josh

2) When is your birthday? Um, I don't know. I don't remember....Saturday?

3) What is your favorite color? Gray

4) What is your favorite toy? My Hulch hands (Hulk hands). 

5) What is your favorite food? Biscuits. 

6) What is your favorite holiday? Christmas. 

7) Who is your teacher? Ummm, I don't know. (Trick question!)

8) Who is your best friend? Tank. 

9) What is your favorite song? I came in like a wreck it ball. 

10) What is your favorite book? The clock book. (Telling the Time

11) What was your favorite part about last year? Candy. What does "last year" mean? After explanation: Tank was my best. 

12) What are you looking forward to for this year? I want to play with Daddy. And I want to play with Tank but not him biting and teach him better. And school! I love school!