Thursday, May 23, 2013


-- While eating a burrito: "Man, that britto is spiceheh!" (He commonly ends his words -heh. It's hard to type but sounds hilarious.)

-- "Mama, wanna play tootsie with me?" (He meant play footsie)

-- Me: The party is floating, so we'll be done before dinner.
Josh: But, Mom, is it on the earth?

-- Josh: Cut my tongue.
Me: No! If you didn't have a tongue, you couldn't talk or eat.
Josh: Yea, or taste!
Me: How did you know that?
Josh: Because I'm an artist. A mouth artist.
Me: What does a mouth artist do?
Josh: I fix mouths.

-- "Girls are weird!"

-- Josh to a friend: We sing that song at *mumble mumble*.
Me: At where?
Josh: At *mumble mumble*.
Me: Where??

-- "Know what? Some suns have no sticky out things on them!"

-- "See that black sheshell? It's not a sheshell. It's called *dramatic pause* shark bone!"

-- Josh: How do birds scratch their butts?
Me: I'm not sure.
Josh: I think maybe they drag their butt on the ground like a dog.

-- While playing the game "Sorry":
Josh: Why did Davis give me I'm Sorry?
Me: Because he knew you liked to play that game.
Josh: Did Aunt Bonnie tell him? (He always plays Sorry at her house.)
Me: No, I told his Mama. I knew most of your birthday presents.
Josh: *gasp!* WHAT????!!!!
Me: I knew you were getting a sandbox. Remember that day we went to the office because I had to ask Ms Laurie and Ms Unique (yes, that's really her name...) a question? I was asking if you could have a sandbox at our apartment.
Josh: I didn't know that!
Me: I know! I spelled it.
Josh: Why?
Me: Because I didn't want you to know what I was saying and you can't spell.
Josh: Haha, that's funny!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Messages to God

We met Daddy & Mama in Henderson for dinner Tuesday night and Josh was drawing and writing on his dry erase board on the way home. We started talking about prayer. We talked about how praying was just talking to God and we could do it anytime and anyplace. I told Josh that God loves to hear Josh pray to Him. We talked about what you can pray about. Josh was very interested in the whole idea. He does have lots of questions about why God doesn't speak audibly to us. He really wants to hear God and I can't say I blame him!

Joshua asked if we could write messages to God. I asked what he meant. He said "You know, like I can write a message and God can read it?" "Yes," I told him, "God can see the messages you write. He knows what you think before you even say it so you can definitely write messages to Him." So, he did.

At first, Josh "wrote" his messages and said what he was writing out loud. He asked me to repeat what he was saying so God would hear it.  I explained to Josh that I didn't have to intercede for him; he could pray straight to God himself. He was thrilled with that information! :) So, he set to writing a new message on his own. He did still speak it out loud and this is what he said: "Hi God and Jesus. I'm Josh. I know you love me and I love you, too. I was born in my Mama's tummy. Her name is Lynn, actually. Could you love her, too? (pause) 'Yes!' Mom, Jesus said 'Yes!' I heard Him talk to me in my body."

It was such a sweet moment. I cried quietly in the front seat as my precious child prayed for God to please love his Mama. I remind Joshua daily that the God of the universe loves him more than I ever could but I so often forget to remind myself. 

Thank you, my thoughtful child, for a gentle reminder for my weary heart. And thank you Lord, that You love me in my humanness.