Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tanya has been more than patient with J Baby. She's been so wonderful in trying to figure out some ways to make Josh more comfortable while with her and the other kids. He took his lovey (a cloth diaper) with him to school Friday and had a much better day. Maybe it was the lovey...maybe it was all the prayers...either way, he had a great day!

Guess who asked to go see "Yanya" this morning?!

Guess who was smiling when "Yanya" opened the door this morning?

Guess who didn't cling to his Mama when she left him this morning?

Guess who only whined a little when his Mama left him this morning?

Guess who peeked and grinned at Emelie when she dropped Jake off this morning?

Guess who loves his new school?!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Josh seems to be adjusting well to his new school. It's only been 2 days (today's the 3rd) and his teacher said he did better yesterday than he did Monday so hopefully he'll be doing great soon. He was sick all night Friday night and neither of us got much sleep but he acted fine Saturday. Sunday he woke up acting a little puny and was for most of the day. He is slowly getting back to eating and acting like himself again.

I did want to ask all you more experienced Mamas about something. Josh's teacher says that he's been laying in the floor to play. For example, the other day he laid on his belly in the floor and pushed the toy airplane around. She made him get up because the classroom is small and she didn't want the other children running him over. She said he did it again yesterday and they would continue to work on it. His last sitter mentioned him doing it only when he was ready for a nap but his current teacher says he does it at all times of the day, not just before nap. He doesn't do this at home. I can't even really picture him doing that. It's just not like him at all. It's causing me some concern and I'm praying about it. I'm not sure if he's not feeling 100% yet and is maybe doing it when he feels bad or if it's a shyness issue. He isn't used to being around kids ages 3 & 4 (except for his church friends but he only sees them once or twice a week) and kids that age are a little more huggy and touchy than Josh is used to. The other kids have also been there longer and are more comfortable there. I'm not sure if it's any of that or if he's trying to zone out because he's uncomfortable and scared. The thought of him being afraid and sad makes me sick. It's the last thing I want. Please pray he'll be more and more comfortable each day and begins to act like himself asap! Also, if you have any ideas/suggestions/stories to relate to the laying down things, please share. I can't ask him why he does it (well, I could but he can't tell me) and it's got me boggled!

Otherwise, he's doing well. He is ready for his Dada to come home (and so am I!). Every evening we come in the house and Josh says "Dada hide?" I said "No, Dada's not here. He's at work." He doesn't believe me and checks all of David's usual hiding spots. ;) He'll be happy to have his Dada back home. (Only one more sleep!!!)