Friday, February 12, 2016


-- Maybe Yoda does yoda. Because his name is Yoda. (He means yoga.)

-- David: Who is your mother and where did she come from?!
Joshua: Um...she is a Earthling. 

-- Me: Josh, who is playing football now?
Joshua: Picksburg and Dinner. 
Me: Are you sure that's right?
Joshua: Daddy said it was Picksburg and Dinner! (Pittsburg and Denver)

-- Me: Look outside and see if it's snowing.
*He goes to the front door and struggles with the lock.*
Me: You could just look out through the window.
Joshua: I like to do it the old fashioned way. 

-- Do mongooses say 'moo' instead of 'honk'? 

-- Joshua: It's almost Spring because that groundhog didn't see his shadow. Even the one in Transylvania says it will be Spring.
Me: Transylvania?! 
Joshua: Yes. It's far away from where we live. 
Me: Are you sure it's Transylvania?
Joshua: Mrs White said big-name something something ground hog lives there.
Me: Pennsylvania. Punxsutawney Phil is in Pennsylvania.
Joshua: Oh! Is it scary there?

-- Today at recess, I was playing tag and tripped and fell down but a little kid was in front of me and I accidentally knocked him down. I fell all the way down the hill! When I got up, I said, "You okay, bud?" He said, "Yea."

-- Joshua saw a photo of me at Disney World when I was a little girl:

Josh: Mom, is that you?!
Me: Yes! Grandaddy & Grandmama took me to Disney when I was little. 
Josh: Man, that castle is really old!
Me: 😑
Josh: Whaaaaat?!?

-- Me: Joshua, tell Daddy who that lady in Target said you were dancing like.
Joshua: Cam Mutant (Cam Newton)

-- Joshua asked David to sleep with him while we were at Claire's house. David went to get in bed and this is what I heard from the other room.

Joshua: You're sleeping in your UNDERWEAR?!?!
David: I had planned to, yes. Is that okay with you?
Joshua: Eew! Are you SERIOUS?!!
David: Yes! 
Joshua: Grown-ups these days! 

-- While painting the kitchen: 

David: Let's get some music going! 
Joshua: Yea!!!! Play Brown Mars! That one's my favorite! (Bruno Mars)