Thursday, March 31, 2016


-- After getting just a light dusting of snow: 

Me: Did you see the snow?!
Joshua: Ugh...salt's more like it.

-- Joshua: I only know a few names from Harry Potter.
Me: Oh yea? Like who?
Joshua: Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, and Mouth Boy. 
Me: Mouth Boy??
Joshua: Yea. He talks a lot. Like blah blah blah. So they call him Mouth Boy.
Me: It's Malfoy. 
Joshua: Oohhhhh.

-- Joshua: What's an accent?
Me: It's when a person talks differently than you. Like Harry Potter has a British accent because he is from Britain. 
Joshua: And that candy lady we ate lunch with?
Me: What candy lady?
Joshua: G'ma's friend, that ate lunch with us.
Me: Gelly? Gelly-bean? (Her name is Magella but we call her Gelly-bean.)
Joshua: Yea, her. She talks like Harry Potter. 
Me: Yes, she has a British accent. 

-- I put the chickens in the dog crate in the garage while we were under tornado watches and warnings:

Joshua: Why are the chickens so fussy?
Me: Because I put them in the garage. 
Joshua: Well, have they watched the weather yet?! 

-- We had a picnic at the church building and then Joshua rode his scooter around the parking lot before Bible study. As we were walking into the building, he said, "Thanks Mom, I enjoyed that." 😍

-- Me: Daddy's home.
Joshua: Before us?!
Me: Yep. 
Joshua: That little stinker! 

-- Joshua: I wish I had a chain necklace. And a chain bracelet. 
Me: Oh yea?
Joshua: Yes. And basketball shoes. 
Me: Okay, who in your class has those things?
Joshua: Mr. D. (One of the TAs for 1st grade)

-- Joshua: What does that little R on that sign mean?
Me: It stands for "registered."
Joshua: What does that mean?
Me: It means no one else except for Chick-fil-A can use the name Chick-fil-A. 
Joshua: Oh. But it should be a U. For "Used".