Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Latest

David got a letter about the job. The position has been eliminated. Yea, that stinks. It took them a month to let all the applicants know which is really unprofessional. The letter said they hoped to reopen the position after the first of the year. I guess the economic troubles are affecting everyone.

About a year ago I signed up for a survey thing online. I've gotten several magazine subscriptions free (Hallmark, TV Guide) just for completing short surveys. You get "money" for completeing surveys and can cash the money in for rewards. Today I got a $25 gift card for American Eagle! Yay for a new bag! :) Oh, the survey site is called e-rewards.

David's 10 year high school class reunion is this Saturday. We're leaving tomorrow after he gets off work to head to his mom's. I've been looking forward to visitng with her for a few months now. I'm charging the batteries for my camera so I'll be able to take pictures of the reunion festivities. haha We'll see how all that goes.

We're going to hear the baby's heart beat on Monday. I can't wait! We've waited so long to have a baby and we're finally ready to do this! :)

Ok, I'm getting off of here and getting some laundry done. I need to put all the clean laundry away so I can have baskets to haul the dirty clothes back and forth! I'm tired just thinking about it.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roast Beast

So, Lesley has decided that I need to work every wednesday for the next few weeks. I don't agree since wed. is my busiest day. I have class at 9, 10, lab at 12 (for 3 hours!) and then work from 5-9:30. I know that doesn't look really busy, but I'm growing a human here and am EXHAUSTED!!! :) try to make things easier today, I got a roast from Kroger last night. It's actually a Pork Roast KIT! Tyson makes it and it was soooo easy to make. It has a 2 lb pork roast, red potatoes, baby carrots, white onions and celery (already cut up!) and a seasoning packet (which you can omit if you'd like to make it barbecue flavored or something. I added it and it was delicious! It cooked allllll day in the crock pot and smelled so good! I'm not sure how much it would cost to buy a roast and all the fixings by themselves but this kit was $11.99 and I think it was worth it. We have veggies left over (which would be good in soup!) and roast enough for a few sandwiches, which will be lunch tomorrow. I'm very excited. :)

I got the new Kenny CD. I'm in love! I like him more and more every day! And yes, my sweet husband already knows about my obsession! haha

Not much new in baby news. We're 9 weeks along. Still waiting for the dr. visit on the 3rd. I'm so anxious to hear the heartbeat! I did go visit with Dad and Mom over fall break and got some good stuff from Ashley. I know we have a loooong way to go but it feels good to get some things out of the way. Thanks Ashley!! :)

I guess that's it for now. We're planning on going to the State Fair on the 25th! Even if my crazy family can't decide if they can get together.....we're going! I can't ride any rides b/c I'm preggers. Mom said I could hold everybody's stuff and watch them ride w/her (she gets queasy on rides) and I told her I would stand w/her and EAT! :) haha I've already decided on a menu!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

David got an e-mail yesterday from his potential supervisor and said that they had come up on a "snag" and it would be another 2 weeks before a decision was made. So, we wait some more....

Other than that, we're doing well. Baby is good. I felt a little sick yesterday but willed myself not to puke and went to class. I did scope out the nearest bathroom though. :) The only craving I've had so far is popsicles. Yum! It was all I could think about the other night.

I've had a crazy week and I'm exhausted. I have to work again today but am getting off at 2:30. We have the volunteer appreciation dinner at church tonight at 6 and all I plan to do in between is SLEEP! :) And I'm looking at a bedtime of 9 or so. I stayed up waaayyyy to late last night and didn't sleep well. I haven't been sleeping well all week. Lots of tossing and turning. I've not been using earplugs (to muffle the snores from Mr. White) so I'll be used to it by the time the baby comes and that means when David has a good snore, it wakes me up. I nudge him and he quits and I try to go back to sleep before he does. He's one of those that can lay down and be asleep in seconds. I just lay there and lay there. So frustrating! Sometimes I want to send him to the couch but then I feel bad for hogging the bed. He works hard all day and deserves a comfy rest too. Maybe I'll pray for divine intervention and God will stop all snoring!! :) HA!

Alrighty, off to work. By the way, we're having our ornament premiere next weekend! Everybody come buy an ornament (or seven!) :)