Friday, March 17, 2017


-- After we asked him to stop playing his harmonica: You hate my lovely lullabies! 

-- Baby Ray's, comin' your way! (Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce, that is.) 

-- Joshua: Why are there beaches where people are naked?

David: I don't know; it's weird, isn't it?

Joshua: Yea! I'm NEVER going there. 

(I'm holding him to it. 😉)

-- Dad, you get the light saver and I get the nun chucks. Because I'm especially good at the nun chucks. 

-- Tank, lay down! Lay down!! That's sitting; not lay downing!

-- While eating a churro from Havana Dave's: Look at all that sugar! Im gonna get jacked up!

-- I've always wished my Dad was a musician. But Dad can only play the drums a little. Wait, he could play the keyboard....get it? The computer keyboard?! 

-- I think my butt has a date with Mom's lap... (Said the week he was sick and wouldn't let me out of his sight.) 

-- Joshua: The sun's out!

David: Sun's out, guns out!

Joshua: Guns out?

David: You know what that means?

Joshua: No

David: If the sun is out, *makes fist and flexes his arm*...

Joshua: Arm wrestle!!!