Friday, May 30, 2014


-- I want to eat spaghetti with chip-chops. (Chopsticks)

-- Joshua was telling me about a motorcycle that could drive up trees and do all this crazy stuff and I said, "Wow, that's incredible!" He replied, "Speaking of incredible, I watched the Incredibles movie last week!"

-- "Thank you for our food, thank you for everything, God. Thank you for our family and for Jesus and thank you for BoBerry biscuits. Amen."

-- Joshua: Mom, do you know where my rain thing is?
Me: What rain thing?
Joshua: That thing shaped like this...*waves his hands over his head*. A rain hood!
Me: Your umbrella!
Joshua: Yes! Umbrella. 
Me: It's in the front closet. Good description!

-- We went to Chick-Fil-A and Sweet Frog one evening and while Jackson was finishing up his yogurt, I made Josh go into Hallmark with me. Then we went down to Walmart and walked around. On the way back to get in our car, the employees from Hallmark were leaving. 

Josh: Woah, all those cars are leaving at one time!"
Me: Yea, they all work at Hallmark together.
Josh: Well, when I go to school, do you want to work at Hallmark? You can get whatever you want and spend time there!

-- Joshua: When I'm a grown up, will Grammy be dead?
Me: I don't know, buddy. Like when you're my age?
Joshua: Yes. 
Me: Well, my grandparents are all still alive so maybe your grandparents will live a long time, too. 
Joshua: How old is Poppa?
Me: In his fifties. 
Joshua: How old is Grammy?
Me: In her fifties. 
Joshua: Wow! They're the same height!

-- Me: If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Joshua: Ummm, maybe to the mountains. Well, not quite the mountains. Like where Grammy lives. 
Me: Grammy doesn't live in the mountains.
Joshua: I know. I said "not quite the mountains".