Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Patiently waiting

Josh and I are patiently waiting for our tomatoes to ripen!
(David's not because he doesn't like tomatoes.)

I have 4 plants. One is over 5 feet tall!!

Next year I'm hoping I can plant a raised bed.

Hurry up!

Ripen already...I have big plans for you!

Fake Sneezes

Josh was eating dinner last night (and having great fun making a great mess!) and all of a sudden he sneezed! He finds all sneezes amusing and when I fake sneezed, he copied me! Before I got the camera he did perfect fake sneezes four or five times in a row. Once the camera was on....only once. That's okay, I was there live and in person and won't forget it. :) Sorry you all had to miss it!