Friday, February 20, 2009

Caution: Nursery in Progress

Here are some pictures of the changing table and crib all set up. We still have some re-arranging to do but we're ready in case something happens!! :) (which it won't, b/c he's a good boy and will stay put until May 18th!)

Monday, February 16, 2009

So stuffy!

I've got a sinus infection....and it's torture! I'm pretty sure Joshua has gone through a growth spurt because I've been more tired these past few weeks than before. I went back to the doctor today to get medicine for my sinus infection and the midwife listened to Josh's heartbeat again and measured my belly again. His heart rate was 150 (just like it's always been!) and I measured 27 weeks (I'm 27 weeks today!). David kept saying he was going to be a big baby because I measured a week ahead last week. I told him that Josh just went through a growth spurt last month and WON'T be a huge baby! Why would someone wish that on a woman anyway?! :) That's just cruel.

I also gained 1 pound since last Monday. EEK! I've only gained 14 pounds in 27 weeks and I know I'm supposed to gain weight but I'd really like to not go crazy with it. ;) I still have 3 months to go.

David and I played with Joshua last night. It's so fun to poke around on my belly and watch him nudge back. He loves it when his Dad talks to him and David always gets a bigger reaction than I do. We listen to his heart beat with the stethoscope and after a few minutes of this Joshua gets annoyed with us cramping his already limited space and starts kicking the stethoscope (which is LOUD!!). I can hardly wait for him to come out and play! I'm just so ready to see him!

The sweet girls at work are giving us a baby shower this Sunday evening. Mom is coming (and maybe Megan!) and I'm excited about seeing them. Mom and Dad are in Florida for a few days and she's been baby shopping! Joshua officially has more clothes than I do! :) I'm lucky to work with the girls I work with. We're all so different (ages, places in our lives, etc.) and we all get along really well. I love my Hallmark ladies! :)

I'm watching this show called Dogs: 101 and they're talking about Yorkies. They're apparently hypoallergenic b/c they have human like hair instead of regular dog fur. Hhhmm.....and they're just so cute! (But not recommended for families w/young kids....they snap!)

I've got to find motivation to get some housework and homework done. I'm exhausted from not being able to sleep because I can't breathe and am ready for bed right now! Ooooo, and we have clean sheets on the bed tonight! I LOVE clean sheet night!

Ok, Dave's on his way home and I'm going to go finish dinner.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 26!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last wrote on here. Nothing exciting happens around here. :)

I had my 26 week check-up at the OBGYN today. I did the glucose test and will get the results from that soon. They gave us our hospital pre-registration packet. Lots of good info about visitors, types of rooms and classes offered. They measured my belly for the first time. She said I measured 27 weeks. David keeps saying Josh will be a big baby and I DO NOT want to hear that!!! :) We heard Joshua's heartbeat again. Strong and steady! I'm amazed every time I hear it. I had a few questions for the midwife and got them all answered. Our results from the Downs test came back normal. We've been so blessed through all of this. Joshua is the most prayed for little man!!! He's getting more active and has been kicking harder. Sunday during church he kicked me right by my ribs and I jumped! I wasn't expecting it and it surprised me. He moves a lot during class which is distracting because I want to pay attention to him moving but need to focus on class. He moves a lot right before bedtime and goes crazy when David talks to him. We've been listening to his heartbeat with a stethoscope and he tolerates the poking a prodding for a few minutes and then starts poking and prodding back! :) It's fun.

We finally got our new mattress!! It's WONDERFUL! The best money I ever spent. :) My back doesn't hurt and I don't roll in the middle of the bed anymore! David still snores though......we'll have to work on that one. ;)

The sweet girls I work with are giving us a shower on the 22nd. I'm so excited!! I've gotten some things set up in Josh's room and can't wait to get the crib and changing table! I've already gotten our bedding and it's washed (in Dreft!!) and ready to go. We got the bookcase my Grandpa Hand built me when I was little and I've put books on it already.

Ok, David's making me get off here so he can restart the computer. He keeps getting hundreds of e-mails b/c of something to do with something with his new phone and this is day 4 of trying to fix it.