Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ok, so everyone officially knows now! It was so fun and all the Grandma's cried. :)

Here's the video David made of the big reveal. :)

(There's a better view of Claire and Gram but it's on the video camera, not the digital camera and we can't edit it until we get home)

It was fun keeping the secret and thanks to everyone who knew and didn't tell!! :) It's so fun to say he and him now. And shopping is tons more fun!!

Here's a quick pic of the stockings at Claire's. See Joshua's little stocking?! So cute!

Merry Christmas everybody!!


Update on the passing around of the Crud:

Dad's had it, Mom's had it, Matt has it, Kate has it.

Please pray the rest of us are spared!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Not much longer!

Hey everybody,

You don't have much longer to wait for us to post the sex of the baby. We told my parents last week. It was great. They were pleased and mom cried (just broke down and cried!). We videoed it, David is editing it (nerd alert!) and we'll post it after we tell Claire tomorrow night. I can't wait!!!

We had a good visit in Gasburg. It's still a little weird going to dad and mom's new house. 23 years of one house is a hard habit to break. :) But it's starting to feel like "home" and is cozy. The boys and their wifeys were there. Matt was working 2-10 and Robert worked Saturday night. He came in Sunday morning. We were all there for church Sunday. It's so cool to see all of us sitting together. I'm a little sappy about my family and LOVE it when we're all there.

Dad was sick until Sunday. We thought it was food poisoning from eating at Pino's. But it was over in 48 hours and Megan called me last night to say mom had it now. We're all praying the rest of us don't get it.

We got home about 10:30 last night. I slept in and did laundry so we can re-pack and head to Yorktown tomorrow when I get off work. I got my hair cut today! I've been wanting to cut it but wasn't sure if it was just the hormones talking. :) I got just a few inches off the bottom and evened out the layers a bit. I'm pleased with it.

Baby has been moving more and more. Well, it's probably moving the same amount but I can feel it more. It was a little slow yesterday until I got in bed. Then it moved like crazy!!! It was so neat. I love feeling it move around. Other people can feel it from the outside now. David gets so excited when he feels it. and I had mom running around the house to come feel it before the baby stopped last week. :) I've finally graduated to maternity pants. I should have done it a few weeks ago! They're so comfy!! I went to the motherhood store in Rocky Mount on the way to Gasburg Wed. and got a pair of black pants and a pair of jeans. They aren't long lengths so the jeans are a little short, but they'll do until I can order some long lengths online. NOBODY carries talls in the store!!! I guess only petite women get pregnant and need new pants. :) It's a conspiracy.

I'm off to re-pack and get everything ready for the trip to Yorktown. Have a great Christmas!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby White @ 17 weeks!

Today was AMAZING!!! We had an ultrasound to see Baby and even found out the sex! (I'm not posting if it's a boy or girl on-line yet b/c we have a special surprise planned for our parents at Christmas and they'll read this before then!) It was so neat. Everything was perfect. Perfect brain, perfect heart, perfect diaphragm, everything! It's kinda funny, but I never worried about if there would be any defects or abnormalities. I guess I just believed that everything would be the way it should be. I never thought about that until we started looking at everything to make sure it was alright.

Baby was very fiesty and a little uncooperative at times. :) It didn't like being messed with and was kicking and moving A LOT!! So cool to watch. It did a head stand most of the time and had its chin all the way on its chest. It was in some very uncomfortable-looking positions.

Here are some pictures (but not the money shot!).

Baby's feet!

Profile shot! :)

This is Baby's face looking right at you in the center bottom of the screen. The top of the head is on the right side. Looks like a skeleton face.

Here's another profile. Baby kept moving its mouth during the ultrasound. See its eyes, nose and mouth?!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Any ideas?!

So we have our ultrasound appointment tomorrow to see the baby! And hopefully, if he/she isn't shy we'll get to see if it's a boy or girl! I'll definately post pictures when I get home but won't post the money shot. :) (We have a special surprise for our parents and don't want to tell them until Christmas.)

Any ideas as to which it will be?! Amanda Avery (and Molly!) say it's a girl. I'm kind of leaning towards feeling like it's a girl and David has decided there's no way it could possibly be a boy. :)

We'll see in about 13 hours!