Tuesday, April 13, 2010

11 months old!

Joshua is 11 months old today! I can hardly believe he's almost a year old already. It's amazing to see how much he's learned and grown over the past 11 months.

He "says" stop (sounds like "bop") and points when he is protesting a noise or something he doesn't want done.

He walks like a pro behind his walker toy...or a laundry basket, or patio chair, or anything else that he can push around. He still won't even stand on his own. We just think he's being lazy about it.

He crawls SUPER fast! Sometimes he crawls like Mowgli from The Jungle Book. Especially on grass or tile floor.

He's really into feeding himself. He tries it with a spoon but usually ends up going back to using his hands. He loves green beans, fruit (he likes the sweet stuff!), oatmeal, LOVES bread and ham and will eat most anything we put in front of him. He's not a big fan of potatoes though.

He loves his Daddy and sometimes prefers to be with him instead of me. Mostly in the mornings.

He gives kisses to his stuffed animals, Dixie (Daddy & Mama's dog) and to Grammy. Sometimes David gets some but I have to steal mine. :( I did get quite a few yesterday evening though.

He likes to "talk" on the phone. He holds it to his ear and looks very serious.

He sings when we do. Especially during church. He also sings while riding in his wagon.

He still loves being outside. It's never too hot or cold or rainy for him. He's an outside boy!

He has started waving hi and bye.

He started blowing kisses last weekend. He looks so proud when he learns a new thing.

He started signing "please" just yesterday. He doesn't use it much but we'll keep practicing and will add "thank you" as well. He still won't sign "more" and just squawks at us when we sign it to him. ;)

He stood for a good 10 seconds last night before bedtime. When you don't stand on your own very well, 10 seconds is a long time!

He still sleeps all night and usually takes 2 naps during the day.

He loves to be in his own bed. He does alright in the crib at Mama's or the pack-n-play but we definitely see a difference when he's in his bed at home. I don't blame him!

He loves animals. He likes to watch them on TV and pet them in real life. He isn't a bit afraid of Dixie and she's very passive so they're a good match. He's even petted a cow with NO hesitation!!

I can't imagine my life without that sweet little Monster of mine. He was so worth all the waiting and tears. I love him so much it hurts sometimes. My heart swells with pride and affection every time I look at him. He's quite simply AMAZING!