Tuesday, January 29, 2013


-- Toward the beginning of the movie, The Incredibles, there is a scene where Elastigirl jumps off the building after some witty banter with Mr Incredible. Josh saw it and with wide eyes said, "Look at her go!"

-- Josh & I went by Grammy's school when we visited them a few weeks ago (she's a reading coach at an elementary school) and she was finishing with a few students when we arrived. To reward them for their hard work she let Josh give them each a Tootsie roll pop as they left. She had one left and had set it on the desk. A few minutes later Josh asked, "Grammy, why did you get that popplestick out?" She laughed and asked if he could think of something she could do with it. After careful consideration he suggested that she could give it to him. (As if there were ever any doubt who would get the last "popplestick"!!)

-- Josh walked through the living room the other night and as he came by he picked up a piece of 2X4 that he plays with on his workbench and said "Do this look like where this go?! No!" And took it downstairs to his workbench.

-- Josh was getting undressed and when he took his shirt off I teased, "Ah! You're naked!" He laughed and said "Yea, like when Jesus said don't eat any vegtables off the tree." ;) He's asked a lot of questions about why Adam & Eve were naked in the garden and he consistently calls the Tree of Knowledge a "vegetable tree".

-- Josh: I'm a bad guy!
Me: I'm gonna tell your mother.
Josh: I don't have a mudda!

-- cumcubers = cucumbers

-- rerry-go-mound = merry-go-round

-- While taking a sip of "spicy drink" (soda) Josh said "That burns my nose & twistses my ears." (He's doing the fun toddlerism of putting "es" on plural words....jumpses, textses, etc)

-- While watching bloopers on tv there was a clip of someone bowling. They got their finger stuck in the ball and threw themselves down the bowling lane. Josh laughed and said, "You posed let go of the ball, silly!"

-- On the way to the park today, Josh saw someone dressed as the Statue of Liberty outside the tax place. He sat quietly for a second and then said "What in the world is that!?! He looks weird!"

Friday, January 11, 2013


-- "Hey look, there's a bubberand!" (rubberband)

-- Me: Are you ready? 
Josh: Yep, are you ready, Freddy?

-- Me: Whatcha wanna do tomorrow?
Josh: Let's make blanna bread! (banana bread)

-- Me: Here's your mission: find two boomerangs.
Josh: Two boomerangs...ok, I'll put that on my list.

-- When I asked him why he still slept with a lovey and suggested it might be time to put them away he said "But I love my loveys and stuff."

-- "Good night, Mom. Don't let the bug bites get you!"

-- On the way home from church, I looked over the paper from his class that tells the parents what the lesson was about, etc and asked Josh what he learned about (which he never wants to talk about for some reason.). He quickly responded, "It's tells you already on that paper." 

-- "I have to go upstairs to see my friend. Her is up there feeding her baby." 

-- Josh and I walked to the grocery store yesterday. On the way home he screamed, held his mouth and began crying. It was very sudden and I was afraid a car had thrown something up from the road and hit his mouth. When he finally calmed down enough to tell me what hurt his only explanation was that his "up teeth did it." 

-- On the way to the library today, we stopped at a stop sign. Josh said "Do you think you are a statue?!" I asked who he was talking to. He said "That woman standing right there." I explained that she was waiting for the bus and he said "Well, I know but her is standing so still!" 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Park Playdate

Josh and I met my sister-in-law, Kate and my nephew, Holton over at the park earlier today. The weather is gorgeous and if it isn't going to snow it might as well just be warm. :) 

Here are some photos of the boys (mostly Holton).

Friday, January 4, 2013

J's End of the year Interview

I interviewed Joshua at the end of the year in 2011 and just sat down with him to do it again. You can find last year's interview here. Just as last year, I typed exactly what he said and translated as needed. :)

Joshua David White, Age 3, Jan 4, 2013:

1) What is your name?: Can you guess my name? My name is....um....what is my new name? Jeremiah Josh David White (He has recently decided to change his name to Jeremiah but has a hard time remembering.)

2) When is your birthday?: I don't know.

3) What is your favorite color?: Blue and green.

4) What is your favorite toy?: A motorcycle (The motorcycle Granddad gave him. He takes it everywhere.)

5) What is your favorite food?: Hot dogs and mac & cheese.

6) How do you like to spend your time?: I like to eat some cookies and I like to drink spicy drink and that orange drink. (Spicy drink is soda...you know, b/c it's carbonated and is 'spicy' and 'that orange drink' is V8 Fruit Fusion juice)

7) What is your favorite holiday?: What is a holiday? After explanation: I like to do all of 'em.

8) Who is your teacher?: I don't have a class.

9) Who is your best friend?: At the park, what is his name? Parker (A boy he met ONCE at the park.)

10) What is your favorite song?: Umm.....lot of 'em is my favorite. The Boat Song is my best one.

11) What is your favorite book?: Um, the books we have already. 

12) What was your favorite part about last year?: Goin' to the beach.

13) What are you looking forward to for this year?: I like to ride my bike and lot of stuff. Hang out and drink some spicy drink.

He questioned why I was asking him all of these questions and kept asking who I was texting on the computer. He also wanted me to add: And I wish be Spiderman, too. I wish be Spiderman...write that up.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

We spread Christmas out during the whole month of December. It was good to be able to have so much family time.
Early in the month we had a get-together with the Halls while Chris and Beth were in town (they couldn't come at Christmas time because Finley will be here soon and the doctor wouldn't let Beth venture that far away from home). 

It was good to be all (almost) together. We were only missing a few this time! As our clan expands, it's harder to get everyone together at the same time. But we'll take what we can get. ;) I so look forward to Heaven and never having to say Good-bye.
Josh was spoiled with a board game, several books, and lots of attention.

(Most of) the Hall Family

In the middle of the month, we went to Gasburg to have Christmas. Josh was super excited to see Jackson and Holton open their gifts from him. He got them bath toys (they're a little young for that yet, but he was insistent on those toys for them). As usual, the babies were more occupied with the paper than the gifts and it was fun to watch them grab at everything. 

Josh was given a "merote" (remote control) firetruck, a family membership to the Marbles Museum, a watch (he can get on and off all by himself!), new clothes, a drill, and a work bench (which keeps him busy for hours!). 

Happy Grammy and her fellas
Work bench (some assembly required) ;)
Holton opening presents
Jackson is excited about gifts!
Merote firetruck!
Daddy & Matt handled the clean-up (and apparently couldn't find a bigger trash bag....)
Jackson got an excersaucer (also some assembly required!)
The Hand Clan

We headed up to Yorktown for a few days during Christmas. It was good to visit with David's Mom, sister and Gram for a few days. We hadn't been there since late August and Josh had grown 2.5 inches since then! No wonder I've been having to replace his pants! We lazed around Saturday and Claire made her famous stroganoff for dinner. It was delicious, as always. 

We attended church with some friends from college, the Van Buskirk's, on Sunday and went out for lunch with them afterward. It was good to have a quick visit with them and I love seeing our two boys together. :) (I remember sitting in the hallway of the dorm with Jenn talking about how our kids would play together and I'm so glad the Lord saw fit for them to be able to.)

Josh & Nate

We got a chance to stop by the beach for a few minutes Sunday evening. Josh had asked to go to the beach the week before and I was sad to tell him it was too far. :( 


We had the opportunity to spend some time on the Naval Base, too. It was awesome and since we kept it a secret from Josh he was surprised when we got out to look at the helicopters and planes. We even got to go aboard the USS Kearsarge. I didn't take enough photos but here are a few. (I also apologize for not remembering enough info to explain the photos.)

We all felt so tiny next to the helicopters.

USS New York. As a special tribute to the people who died on Sept 11, the bow stem is cast from 7.5 tons of steel recovered from the World Trade Center.

We had a good family get together at Gram's house on Christmas Eve and went riding around to see some Christmas lights one evening. David and I went on a date while Josh and G'ma made cookies for Santa. 

Leaving out Santa's cookies.
Taste-testing Santa's cookies...
The loot Santa left
A new Bible (It's awesome, y'all...go get it!)

This HUGE stocking from G'ma held a soccer goal, soccer ball, shin guards, and soccer socks.
A marshmallow shooter!

Josh pretended his marshmallow shooter was a snorkel. ;)

We came back home Christmas Day since David had to work the next day. Josh and I made an impromptu trip to Eden/Patrick Springs to see the Greats up there. We came home Thursday and spend the day at Marbles with Lauren & Davis on Friday. 

It was a busy week but we enjoyed all of it! I pray your Christmas was a blessing filled as ours.