Thursday, March 13, 2014


-- While watching Hook, and hearing about orphans: "Why do they call them 'orphans'? That's kind of mean. Orphans. Doesn't that sound like a mean name?"

-- On the way home from the dentist, where he had nitrous oxide and numbing medicine: "My teeth are dancing and singing!"

-- "My tooth is a little bit sore from all that research they did on it. Research means work."

-- While driving home from Gasburg:
David: Well, people are passing me like I'm standing still so I'm gonna speed up!
Joshua: It's okay, Dad. You don't have to speak up. I understand. 

-- We were visiting with the family after the wedding Saturday evening and Josh looked at Karen, whom we sat with at dinner, and said, "Hey, you were at that wedding!"

-- Bedtime prayer 3/9/14: "Thank You for our food. . .oh, man, that was my food prayer! Oh, man! Thank You for our family and thank You for our food that we ate today and thank You for You. Thank you for Holt and for Daddy to be safe at work tomorrow and to drive safe so he doesn't get in a crash. And I hope Dixie sleeps well tonight because she just burped and goodnight everyone. Amen."

-- Joshua was preaching to us at Poppa & Grammy's and it was time for communion. He passed out raisins to everyone: Poppa, Grammy, Megan, Jackson, me and even Dixie. ;) He told us we would all take communion at the same time and Grammy asked him why we take communion. He said, "To remember Jesus." So, Josh counted to 11 and we all took our communion. . .all of us except Poppa. Poppa had given his raisin to Jackson, who had more than his fair share of "communion". ;) Joshua was appalled and said, "Poppa won't remember Jesus!" 

-- Me: Time to get up, Bubba.
Joshua: Do we have to go to the dentist?
Me: No!
Joshua: Then WHY do we have to get up?!