Thursday, August 14, 2014


I've had a stressful week and need a pick-me-up. Maybe you do, too? Here are a few Joshisms to start your weekend off right! :)

-- Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Joshua: A policeman.
Me: Oh yea? How come?
Joshua: So I can speed and it will tickle my tummy when I go fast over hills.

-- "Can I have some of those tomato chips?" (potato chips)

-- "Mom! A hurming bird just came to the window!" (Sounds like something Madea would say. ;))

-- Joshua: Have you heard the song, 'I love peanuts'?
Me: No.
Joshua: Well, you're 'bout to hear it! *starts singing*

-- Joshua walked down to Grandpa Hand's garden during a quick visit a few weekends ago. He went down there to find Grandpa but they missed each other on his way down and Grandpa was already back at the house. I went out to tell Josh to come back up but he couldn't hear me all the way down the hill. A few seconds later, I saw him coming around the garage and up the hill at full speed. He was mouthing, "Keep running! Keep running!"

Me: Is something chasing you?
Joshua: There's something down there!!!!
Me: What is it?!
Joshua: I don't know! It's a person, I think.
Me: *laughing* It's a scarecrow!
Joshua: I thought maybe it was a zombie but I wasn't sure!

-- Joshua's homework instructions: Draw and color 5 things that begin with T and label.

Joshua: I'm drawing a bear.
Me: Bear doesn't begin with the letter T.
Joshua: Oh, I'm drawing a chicken, then.
Me: Chicken doesn't begin with the letter T, either.
Joshua: Okay, I'll draw a turkey!

-- Josh fell while riding his bike and got a few nasty scrapes. David was trying to cheer him up and told him that, "Chicks dig scars."

Joshua: Chicks?
Me: Girls.
Joshua: Dig?
Me: Like.
Joshua: I dig you, Mom.
Me: I dig you, too, Josh.