Thursday, August 29, 2013


-- "Mary & Jovis" (Mary and Joseph)

-- While at the beach: "It's hot. It's like a desert out here!"

-- Grammy: Whatcha gonna preach about? 
Joshua: I'm thinking in my head!

-- "When I am a grown up and you are not dead yet, maybe we can live at the beach."

-- "When I have a baby I might name him Finn. Cause Finn is soooo cute."

-- "I just got off the phone with the Sweet Frog frog. He said if I'm a good boy, he will deliver some ice cream to me."

-- We were watching a cooking show and the chef was making a chocolate mouse pie. He poured the chocolate mouse into the pan and Josh said "Can you lick that bowl for me?!" 

-- Joshua: Guess what? When we die, we will go to Heaven and there is no night time there. 
Me: Oh cool! 
Joshua: And it's daytime always. And I'm sorry, but there are no toys. 
Me: Well, what will we do? 
Joshua: I don't know. Maybe play with the breads. It says no food in Heaven but bread is food and bread will be there.
(He is VERY interested in the bread and juice at communion on Sundays.)

-- "Mom, I'm sorry, but when you go to heaven you can't have any babies in your tummy. The Bible says that."

-- Joshua: Dad, are you allergic to cats?
David: Yes, very much so. (He isn't really allergic, he just doesn't like cats and doesn't want J to have one.)
Joshua: I can't have a cat?? Awww, bummer! Maybe I can get one when you die and I get a new parent. 
David: Gee, thanks.
Joshua: I love you, Dad. 

-- Joshua: Is Aunt Bonnie still there? (At her house.)
Me: Yes
Joshua: I love her.