Wednesday, June 18, 2014


-- "Can I have some ice cream? A nutty bar...a nutty friend?" (Nutty buddy) 😊

-- David: *singing* Do you wanna build a snowman?
Joshua: *singing* Yes, but it's spring time!!!

-- While we had the scale out to weigh Tank (61 pounds at 9 months old, btw), Joshua decided to weigh himself. From the other room I heard, "46H. That's how much I weigh now!"

-- "a pack of abs" = A pack of Nabs

-- "Wizard Afoz" = Wizard of Oz

-- Grammy: Are you gonna call me tomorrow and sing to me?
Joshua: Sure, I will. Why?
Grammy: Tomorrow's my birthday!
Joshua: Awesome!
Grammy: I'm gonna be 7!
Joshua: 7?! Wow! You're not as older as I thought!
Grammy: How old did you think I was?
Joshua: 24. 

-- While browsing the toy section in Target: "Let's go to the next island." (Aisle)

-- "Wicky Waama" (Willy Wonka)

-- We had steaks for dinner and after Josh had eaten all of his vegetables, he said, "I don't want to eat any of my chicken." (When you're 5, all meat is chicken.) ;)

-- To Grammy: "Don't be scared like you think Christmas isn't coming."
We asked Joshua where he heard that and he said he "telled it to himself." Silly kid! 

-- While answering a question David asked him: "I do. I do do and you do do, too!"

-- "Lectrickity" = Electricity