Wednesday, March 11, 2015


-- I wish I could hock. (Play hockey)

-- Does this nervous you, Dad? (Make you nervous)

-- I walked through the room holding a pair of Josh's jeans. He jokingly said, "Your pants shrinked!" 

-- "You want some heat? Just get in this car. It's free!"

-- Me: Look, it's a hawk! *whistles* What does a hawk say?
Joshua: *singing to the tune of What Does a Fox Say* What does a hawk say...ding ding ding ding ding. 

-- David was playing peek-a-boo with a baby at the booth next to ours and Josh joined in. He said, "Boo! Boo! Where's......whatever your name is?"

-- Me: I think I have something in my shoe. 
Josh: You do. *wicked grin*
Me: Besides my foot, Greg Hand.
Josh: How dare you?!?! 

-- Mama, this is you and Daddy when you were little kids. *puts his index fingers together and makes kissy noises*

-- Me: I'm gonna eat some ice cream when I get home.
Josh: Oh yea! You just said the word, baby!

-- Dear God, thank you for our dinner and for our family. Thank you for chicken and firemens and everything. Amen

-- We took Josh to the gym to burn some snow day energy and he had been running down this long trampoline they have and jumping up and doing a flip. 
David: Are you gonna go, buddy?
Josh: Yes. I'm waiting for these ladies to get out of the way. 
(The "ladies" were around 10 years old.) 

-- Campalote (cantaloupe) 

-- While doing Josh's homework together:
David: Why did the sled go fast? Because he went DOWN the hill.
Me: Don't tell him, Babe. 
Josh: Yea, Dad. I have to know about learning and stuff. 
David: Ok, ok, I'm sorry.
Josh: That's's what Dad's do. 

-- Josh was using the bathroom when David got home.
Me: Daddy's home!
Josh: Ok, but I can't be excited right now, I'm pooping!