Wednesday, March 27, 2013


-- Joshua colored a palm leaf in his class at church Sunday. He loves it and has carried it around all week. Today, while I was making dinner, he came in with the palm leaf and said "Mom, did you know the people put their palm trees on the ground for Jesus to walk over?!" I said yes and asked if he remembered what the people said as Jesus came by. He didn't so I told him "Hosanna! Hosanna!" He said "Oh yea...Hosamma, Hosamma, here comes Jesus!" 

-- While watching Willy Wonka (the original there's any other version worth watching), Josh said "Santa don't make the candy he brings. Willy Wonka makes it and Santa brings it. Santa makes the toys only."

-- While goading David to wrestle, Josh says to him "You want a piece of steak?!!" (You want a piece of me. Josh thought it was "piece of meat")

-- Joshua and I had lunch with my Uncle Doug a few Sundays ago while Aunt Bonnie and David were off playing at the basketball tournament. We were deciding where to eat lunch and Josh suggested Chick-fil-a. I told him that they were closed on Sundays and he asked "Is it Sunday?" 

-- "Mom, you say the blessing.....pinky please??"

-- We took Josh to the MonsterJam a few weeks ago. His favorite monster truck is Grave Digger and he was thrilled to see THE Grave Digger but he was really impressed that there were cars for the trucks to drive over. He was telling Uncle Doug about it at lunch and their conversation went something like this:
Uncle Doug: Was it your car that the trucks drove over?
Josh: No! Not my car.
Uncle Doug: Well, it wasn't my car, either. If it wasn't your car and it wasn't my car, whose car was it?
Josh: Well, when old people die, the monster truck people go get their car and take it to the show and run over it.

-- We've done some geocaching recently and one of the "treasures" we found in a cache was a little toy praying mantis with no head (must be a male mantis...). Josh loves to play with it but can't seem to get the name right. He keeps calling it a "Pocahontas." 

-- "Wanna hear a joke? If a monster comes to the pool, they will put him under the water and then put him on the ceiling." (I have no idea what he's talking about but it was his first made up joke and I laughed like a fool.) ;)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


-- "Mom, look at that sunshine. It is so bright. That's how much I love you, Mom."

-- On the way home from Henderson, Josh said: "Mom, are we almost home? I'm so boring!" (He usually says he's "exciting" instead of "excited" so I assume he did the same with "boring" and "bored".)

-- While at Grandma's last week I asked Josh what color towel he wanted for his bath. He requested blue and when I offered two different blue towels, a light blue and a dark blue, he said "I don't want the sunny blue one."

-- Grandma, Aunt Sissy and I were in Sissy's living room talking last week. Josh came in with a toy firetruck and asked Sissy a question about it. She answered him and he responded with an "Oohhhh." She laughed and asked "Where did he get this 'Oohh?'" Before I could answer, Josh piped up with "I got it from in the kitchen!" (Thinking she was asking about the firetruck.)

-- Josh overheard me telling Sissy that I didn't want to give him a cough suppressant because his cough was productive but he wasn't getting any rest. He looked at me quizzically and asked "A coffee present??"

-- Josh and I love to listen to music in the car. He likes to pretend to play the guitar or drums while we sing. Somehow we got on the topic of (cousin) Chris playing the guitar. I told him that Beth plays an instrument, too and asked if he remembered which one she played. He said "Bef plays the drums. Why does she? Because she likes it? I like her. I loooooove her. I love her because she is pretty."

-- "This popsicle shivers me!"

-- Josh: Dad, did you eat all dat hamburger?!
   David: Yes.
   Josh: You pump!! (punk)

-- "I have a wife. She is pretty. She put lot of makeups on her face and her cheek and her chin. And on her lips and her eyes. And her feet. And her eyes is soooo pretty. She is a power ranger, too. She's the pink one. She's the pretty pink one. And I'm blue. I'm the dark blue one....I mean, I'm the sunny blue one. I'm the mascot for the shiny blue team."  (Don't ask...I have no idea!)

Monday, March 4, 2013


-- "Hey Mom, I saw a flying star!! (Shooting star)

-- Josh comes from a long line of biters. We don't bite out of anger and we just can't help it. There's something inside that tells us we just HAVE to bite. Noses, ears, toes...oh, especially baby toes! Josh has been bitten since he was born, as was I, as was my mother & her father before her. The Hall in us can't help it. Aunt Bonnie, who was a Hall & married a Hall, is the biggest biter of us all! Josh always wears a hoodie over to her house to protect his ears from her bites. ;) She had been away for a couple of weeks and when we left to go over and see her I told Josh that I bet she couldn't wait to bite his ears. Josh said, "Do Aunt Bonnie bite my ear & dat how her kiss?" Yep, that's about right!

-- Josh: Mama, is that commercial correct?
Me: Which commercial?
Josh: That one when the son says 'where do babies come from?' and the daddy says 'from up in space and they fall down from the sky' and the son says 'but mommy says babies come from a tummy and let's sing a song about a school bus'. Is it correct?

(Crazy, insane, ridiculously good memory!)

-- Josh & I were watching Rachel Ray's show the other day and she made her version of New York style nachos. She said that she loved onions and said something about piling them on a hot dog. She later referred to the hot dog as a "dog" (you know, because she abbreviates EVERYTHING) & it really bothered Josh. He said, "I wish I was there so I could tell her it's a HOT DOG."

-- "See this skateboard? It was my grandpa's and he let me have it and I been riding it a long time and it says spiderman."

-- Josh: I don't hear your heart beeping.
Me: That means I'm dead!
Josh: You are...I'm sorry.

-- After I replaced the lightbulb in Josh's closet he said, "Thank you, Mama. Thank you so much for my help."

-- "Cinderella is very beautiful. I really want to marry her."

-- Our waitress: I'll see you later.
Josh: I will see YOU lata!

-- Josh came into the salon after I had gotten my haircut. He didn't recognize me and I had to call him back over. He stared at me for a minute and said, "You didn't look like our Mommy, Mommy!"

-- "Tinkabell is my girlfriend. I think I'm gonna marry her. We're gonna get married at Disney World."

-- "Grandma, do you have any coffee drops?" (Cough drops)