Monday, September 15, 2014


-- Joshua: Grammy, why is that saw horse wobbly?
Grammy: Because the screws are loose.
Joshua: They're bolts; not screws. 

-- Grammy was telling Poppa about Josh correcting her on the bolt/screw thing. 
Joshua: Am I right, Poppa?
Poppa: You're a Hand. Of course, you're right. 
Grammy: He's not a Hand. He's a White. 
Joshua: I'm RIGHT, not WHITE.
Grammy: Your last name is White. 
Joshua: Oh, yea. 

-- Poppa was preaching about the Holy Spirit and how God chose a dove to represent the Holy Spirit when Jesus was baptized. He said, "God didn't choose an eagle or a sparrow. He chose a dove." Joshua asked me, "A duck?!?!"

-- Joshua: I wanna go to Holt's. 
Me: Why?
Joshua: 'Cause I just love Holt!

-- "There's a race car in that building. In the three market." (Flea market)

-- David: Do you wanna build a snowman? 
Joshua: 😐
David: Come on, you know you want to. 
Joshua: Yea, I really do. And throw snowballs. But it's summer. 

-- "Do they have any food here? Hey, where's the vegetarian room?" (cafeteria)

-- While doing homework:

Me: Which one of these rhymes with "mug" and "plug"? 
Joshua: Doug! I mean, rug. 
Me: Correct. 
Joshua: And, Doug. 

-- Joshua had his first field trip Friday. They visited the "community helpers" around town: post office, ems, police, fire station, etc. Josh was most excited about getting the chance to ride a school bus for the first time. 

Joshua: Hey T, you know what? We don't even have to wear seat belts on the bus!
T: Yea! That's so cool!

-- Joshua: The police station doesn't do anything. They just sit in the shade and cool off. 
Me: Oh, yea!? Who told you that?
Joshua: Cause they only have one jail. They don't even catch bad guys. But they do keep eyes on someone. Well, what do they do?