Sunday, November 3, 2013


-- Robert and Kate are expecting another baby this Spring! While talking about the new baby over dinner, Robert asked Josh if he wanted Kate to have a boy baby or a girl baby. Josh replied, "A boy baby! You pray about that!" 

-- While having a nice long stretch after waking up: "Oh, man. I haven't stretched in two years!"

-- While watching tv, a dog food commercial came on comparing dog food brands and Josh asked me, "How do you know how to get the right food?" That's exactly what I was thinking!

-- Driving past a car dealership: "Oh man, look at all that traffic!"

-- Me: Let's see how many colors we can name.
Joshua: Okay. Blue.
Me: Green.
Joshua: Purple.
Me: Yellow.
Joshua: Hazel.
Me: ???

-- On the way home from the family reunion last July, Josh was getting antsy from all the riding (the reunion was in Kentucky) and Poppa started telling ghost stories to keep Josh occupied. He told Josh a story about "The Man With the Golden Arm." Josh has retold this story ever since and has gotten better and better at it. Sometimes the story changes a little and it's quite comical. He told the story to Tank (his puppy) the other night and it went something like this: "One old man was walkin' down the tracks and got his arm cut off. He spent a lot of money and got a golden arm. When he died, some bald-headed kids stole his golden arm. They went camping and heard a noise: 'Who's got my golden arm?' And it got louder, 'Who's got my golden arm?' And it got louder, 'Who's got my golden arm? YOU'VE GOT IT!"

-- Joshua has NEVER wanted to pick his nose. We've always had to bribe him or hold him down to get all those boogers out so he can breathe. His Aunt Megan even paid him a dollar to pick his nose once! ;) I told Josh at dinner the other night that we needed to get his boogers out so he could breath with his mouth closed. He said, "No! They're having a party in there!"

-- Josh was watching me make dinner and I put some lima beans in the pan. He asked what they were and I told him. He said, "Lima beans?? Like that girl with the stripes book!?!" Yes!! (A Bad Case of Stripes)

-- Joshua and I were talking about good guys and bad guys and how bad guys don't always look like the bad guys on tv. Sometimes, they look like good guys.
Joshua: That's kinda cool.
Me: No, it's not.
Joshua: It's a little bit cool.
Me: No, not even a little bit.
Joshua: It's like this much cool. (And held up his fingers to show how much.)