Sunday, April 27, 2014


-- Mama was talking about a soup she had eaten while on a trip and said that it was made with "chicken broth." Joshua, who was listening, asked, "Chicken bra??!"

-- Joshua: Mom, know what my favorite movie is?
Me: What?
Joshua: Star Vors. (Star Wars)
Me: Oh, yea?
Joshua: Yea. You know, with the electric swords?

-- "This little piggy went to Chick-fil-a, this little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had Sweet Frog, this little piggy had none. And this little piggy went wwweeeeeeeeeeee all the way home."

-- While listening to On The Way Home by John Mayer, the song goes, "Grass is greener..." and Joshua said, "Yea, grass is green. What you think it is?!"

-- Joshua was telling Grammy about the rides he was planning to ride at Busch Gardens. He was super excited about the "bumping cars". 

-- While riding home from the store:
Joshua: Hey, that's my school!
Me: Yep. I'm so excited about you going to school. I'll miss you all day but you're gonna have so much fun!
Joshua: I'll miss you, too, but when I come home, I'll have a big smile on my face. 
Me: I know you will. You're gonna do awesome!

-- Me: What do you want for your birthday? 
Joshua: A scooter.
Me: Okay, what else?
Joshua: Um...maybe some seeds for our garden?

-- Joshua: By the way, you cook really good.
David: Thanks, buddy. 

-- "Mom, can you reforward it to my favorite part?" (He wanted me to fast-forward to his favorite part of a movie."

Friday, April 11, 2014


-- Josh made a rhyme and laughed out loud at himself: 

Joshua: If I don't eat every day, I'll die!
Me: Says who?
Joshua: Says Sue!

-- At the end of soccer practice, Coach Mike got all the kids together and told them they were playing the Eagles on Saturday and gave them a little pep talk. When we got in the car to go home, Joshua said, "Hey Mom, we're playing the Seagulls on Saturday!"

-- At Sunday dinner:
David: Josh, are you going to ask the blessing or am I?
Joshua: Me. Since *I* went to church. . .
(As if we hadn't gone to church, too!) 

-- Me: What kind of ice cream do you want?
Joshua: That kind with the tiny little cup things in it. 
Me: Moose Tracks?
Joshua: Yea, Moose Traps.
Me: Not Moose Traps. 
Joshua: Moose Craps?

-- Joshua: You can fart in our car if you want to, Grammy. 
Grammy: Oh, thank you!
(She didn't, btw. 😉)

-- While playing Buzzword with Grammy:
Grammy: Okay, these answers have the word "foot" in them. If you aren't wearing shoes, you are…????
Joshua: Foots-naked? 

-- Joshua: Mom, I saw a bird that was this big.
Me: Did it have a long tail?
Joshua: Yes. It was grey and white. 
Me: We call that kind a "cat bird."
Joshua: Sweet! It didn't have whiskers, though. *walks away laughing at his little joke*

-- "I really like those shoe scooters. Maybe that would be a good idea for my birthday."  
(Shoe scooters = roller skates)

-- Joshua: Mom, know how I know everything? 
Me: How?
Joshua: God just tells me it.
Me: Oh, really?
Joshua: Yep. God, and you, and Dad, and Chris. I wish I had a guitar like Chris. A plug in one and a not plug in one. (Plug in guitar = electric guitar and not plug in one = acoustic guitar)

-- While driving home today, Joshua and I got to talking about when he was born. I told him he was born in the middle of the night and that when we called everyone to tell them we were on our way to the hospital, we woke them up. He found it inconsiderate that we would choose to have a baby during the night and ruin everyone's night of sleep.  

Joshua: Whew, I bet they were sleepy when they got there (the hospital). 
Me: Yes, we were all sleepy because we had to stay up all night.
Joshua: Why didn't we do it when it was morning?!
Me: HA!!! You can't always plan when you have a baby. Some babies just come when they're ready. 
Joshua: Well, I would want to have a baby in the morning. 

-- We have a CD that my cousin, Chris, and his friend, Jacob, made when they were in high school. Josh asks to listen to it every time we're in the car. One of the songs they recorded is When the Rain Comes by Third Day. Joshua has been singing this song while playing and during quiet time. Today, it went like this: "I can't stop the rain…why can't he just get an umbrella?" So we chatted about metaphorical rain.