Monday, May 11, 2015


-- While writing a sentence describing Tank:
Josh: How do you spell "white"? 
Me: White??!
Josh: Oh! I know!

-- Rhoninus (rhinoceros) 

-- "Mom, let me ask you something about the Rifle Tower." (Eiffel tower)

-- "On 'Peabottom and Sherman', I heard that George Washington didn't really cut down a cherry tree. That's all I know." (Peabody and Sherman)

-- I kissed Josh's nose and he said, "Eww, you kissed my boogers!"
Me: I've kissed you just about everywhere.
Josh: Even in the bathroom?!

-- "That dripping sound is not necessary."

-- David laid down a Draw 4 card for Josh during a game of Uno. Josh's response: "You don't care any thing about me."

-- David fixed Josh a glass of water while Josh was in the bathroom. He told him, "Josh, your drink is on the counter by the stove." Later, while Josh was eating his snack, he said to David, "Dad, I was thinking my drink would be a little more 'spicy'." (meaning soda)

-- "My teacher in my class (at church) had to have surgery on her toe. They cut half her tailnoe!"

-- Joshua: This medicine tastes like dead birds. 
Me: Dead birds? It smells like peppermint to me.
Josh: Well, it tastes like dead birds to me!
Me: How do you know what dead birds taste like?
Joshua: I don't. But I think this is what it tastes like. 

-- "Guess what? It's Squirrel Reunion Day. They all gathered up in a tree."

-- While getting his inhaler while coughing his head off: "Just one lap of run and that what happens."

-- Upon seeing a photo of a possum: "A rat? That's a big rat! He haves big sharp teeth that could break a toe off!"

-- While helping David cook dinner:

J: What did they kill to make that?
D: A cow.
J: A girl cow sometimes?
D: Yes.
J: That's sad. They might have babies!