Friday, September 25, 2015



-- Joshua: When will a mouse come in our house?!
Me: We don't want a mouse in our house.
Joshua: But I want to dissect it and see what's inside!

-- Joshua: I wish I can dye my hair on crazy hair day. 
Me: We can do that. 
Joshua: Okay, I will tell you when it is. It's like a long time from now. Like when I track out for second grade.
Me: You're going to second grade?!
Joshua: Yea. After first grade, I am. 
Me: Will it ever end?!
Joshua: Pretty much not. 

-- We play a game of hide and seek where Josh is the hider and Tank is the seeker. Josh went to go hide and told David to cover Tank's eyes so he couldn't watch and wouldn't say where he was hiding because then Tank would know. ;)

-- Joshua was reading a book he brought home from school about pigs. The page read, "Pigs have a flat nose called a snout." Joshua read, "Pigs have a flabulous nose called a snart." 

-- While reading the word "elephant":

Joshua: Elephant....elepant?
Me: You were right. Elephant is correct. 
Joshua: But it'a a P.
Me: Yes. PH makes an F sound.
Joshua: Then why isn't it just an F??!

-- It isn't raining hard. It's just dribbling. (Drizzling)

-- Joshua: *fart*
Me: Joshua!!!!
Joshua: What?! It's just an expression!

-- Whoever loses is a rotten egg!

-- Tank ran after a stray cat that's been hanging around our house and David & I were yelling at him to come back and Josh said, "What's the big deal? It's just a bad word cat!" 

-- While David was watching the Washington and New York football game, Josh read the team abbreviations at the bottom of the screen as words: "Wush" and "Nug" are playing? 

-- Robert was outside with Joshua and Holt and they heard firecrackers go off. The boys perked up and looked around. Robert asked what that noise was. Joshua said, "A car crash with crackers!!"