Saturday, December 14, 2013


While eating lunch at Bojangle's:

-- Joshua: This chicken is spicy!
Me: Yes, it is. When you were in my tummy, I couldn't eat it b/c it tasted too spicy for me. I didn't like it. But now it's not too spicy again. And I didn't like tomatoes before you were in my tummy, and now I do! Isn't that weird?
Joshua: Yea! 
Me: You changed me. 
Joshua: God changed you! 

One of the sweetest women ever passed away last month. She was the pianist at my home church for as long as I can remember and was always so encouraging me to me as I was taking piano lessons and had only nice things to say when I would play at church. I went back home for her funeral and had this conversation with Josh before I left: 

-- Me: I have to go to Grammy's church today for a funeral so you're gonna stay home with Daddy. 
Josh: Ok. What is a funeral?
Me: It's a special service people have when someone has gone to Heaven. 
Josh: Oh. And kids can't go?
Me: Well, you can go if you want but it might be boring.
David: Yea, you wouldn't understand.
Josh: Oh, ok. Uncle Doug can. 
Me: Uncle Doug can what?
Josh: He can explain it to me.
(We ask Uncle Doug a lot of hard questions b/c he's super smart and knows everything.)

While chatting about Tiffy's impending delivery of baby Liam, Josh asked me a very good question. He asked me before, right before Jackson & Holt were born, but apparently he didn't remember. As usual, we're try to answer his questions honestly and give details, when appropriate, instead of just glossing over. I'm sure Tiff will be glad to know Josh sympathizes with her about the pain of giving birth! ;)

-- Joshua: Mom, how do babies come out?
Me: They come out of their Mama's vagina. 
Joshua: What's a bagina?
Me: Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.
Joshua: But that would hurt, though!
Me: Yes, yes it would. 

-- While working on getting a fire started in the fire pit, Claire was stoking the fire with a stick. Josh asked what she was doing and could he do it. She said, "I'm using this to stoke it." Josh said, "I want a 'stoke it'!" 

I'm attempting to use an Advent plan this year that involves making an ornament each day. This is right up Josh's alley, as he loves art. 

-- Grammy: What ornament did you make today?
Joshua: It was a Mary. 
Grammy: What did Mary tell the angel?
Josh: Umm...
Grammy: The angel told Mary she was going to have a baby. And what did Mary say? 'I am....'
Josh: Too?
Grammy: Hahaha, no! The angel wasn't gonna have a baby, Mary was. Mary said, 'I am God's servant.' 

Josh LOVES cheese. I mean, loves it. He'd eat it at every meal and snacks inbetween if we'd let him. One of his favorite ways to eat cheese isnin the form of queso! 

-- Joshua's recipe for queso: Put your cheese in the oven. Let it toast for a minute. Boom, it looks like queso. Eat it!