Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I thought I should update everybody about our exciting weekend:

Bob Russell came to Christ's Church to speak about Building a Dynamic Church. It was really great! Dad came and brought a big group of men from PHCC. We love our friends and "family" here in Greenville but it was good to see faces from home! :)

We had the incemination Saturday eveing. It went great and now we're just waiting to see if it worked! I'm praying for patience b/c 2 weeks sounds like a LOOOONG time to wait! :) And no, I don't feel pregnant yet. haha

Not too busy today, just working on getting the labels on the CDs that were ordered from the Bob Russell event. Brent did a great job designing them and the Clarke's and I burned them all. After labels, they're ready to be mailed! I'm planning to have dinner with some of the girls from work tonight. I'm excited about it. Nikki's been in Canada all summer and Lauren's been back home in Raleigh so I'm glad to have them "home" again. Emelie and Jake are coming tomorrow to help me figure out how to make the Guest room/Computer room/Storage room/David's closet into all that AND the baby's room. Exie offered some room in her attic to put all of our seasonal stuff since we don't have any outside storage or closet space. That should free up a lot of room in here. David says we can find somewhere else for the computer to go and that would make even more room. We have a futon in here now and I really don't want to give up the guest room part b/c I know my mom will most likely want to visit after the baby arrives. I don't have room for an air mattress anywhere so Emelie has her work cut out for her! :)

Alright, back to labels.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kenny Pics

The concert last night was AWESOME!! Melissa & I had a great time. Robert & Kate were there with some of her friends and Jake was there w/Kasey and their friends. It was a mini-family reunion! :)

Here are the pics, like I promised:

Here's Leann Rimes from our seats w/no zoom!

Here she is again. I can't move like that in 5 inch heels!! :)

And there's Kenny! :)

This is "Don't Blink" (for mom) :)

Someone from the crowd threw an ECU flag on the stage and Kenny gave it to a stage hand to hang up. I thought that was neat. (even though NCSU's better! ;)

Alrighty, I have more but I won't bore you. :) Emily: we're going together next year! OK?!

Friday, August 22, 2008


So I have this friend, Melissa (she's basically wonderful!!) and she won tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert tonight and invited me to go with her. The tickets are in the 10TH ROW! I cannot believe it! I was happy to see him in Va Beach from the lawn and can't WAIT to see him tonight! The concert was great the 1st time and I've never seen a concert from anywhere other than the lawn. I'm just sooo excited!

I was planning a nap today but now I'm not sure I need one! ;)

I'll post pics tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy Day

Today was a busy day! I left the house around 8:30 so that I could try to find a parking spot close-ish to my class but that didn't work so I had to walk 1/2 a mile again! I don't mind the walking, but I have to walk across a field (that needed to be mowed and was wet!) and then across a parking lot just waiting to be paved (I don't know what the hold up is on that...I think it should have been done BEFORE school started!). Anyway, I walked....and I made it to class on time! Then, with about 20 minutes of class time left, some random man walks up to our door and says "There's a gas leak. They want everybody out." So we all look around at each other, kinda wild-eyed, and are all packing our book bags as we're leaving the building. We didn't know if the leak was in the building or outside, so we excited the building @ the nearest exit and ended up walking TOWARD the gas leak! They moved us around to the back of the building and we stood there for a while, then they moved us behind the next building and we stood there a while. Then a man came up and said "The leak is worse than they thought, you all need to get further back." So we all trudged across the road to the next building's parking lot. By this time, they were re-routing ALL traffic from Memorial Dr & Firetower through PCC's campus and students were trying to leave and no one was moving and Engine 5 kept driving by and it was just crazy. I'm glad they finally got the leak under control and no one got blown up. It turns out that the guys working on the road accidentally cut the main line which PCC's building full of labs is connected to so they wanted us out. I think there should have been a siren, or intercom announcement or something other than some guy running door to door. They sent out a campus wide e-mail but we weren't sitting around checking our e-mails, we were in class! It was chaos....and I don't like chaos.

I was late to my next class b/c they wouldn't let us leave the parking lot. I think they thought we'd try to go back into the building. It's a computer class and I was only in there 10 minutes so I walked back across campus to find out if the leak would keep us from having BIO lab. It didn't.... :( I had lab from 12-2:50 and since I've already had BIO 163, it was all review for me. I was bored....but I should have great grades! :)

I worked from 5-9 and was bored there too. Now I'm home and going to get some dinner. My tummy's hungry!


I don't know why this is so funny to me......

I mean, it has the measurements and everything! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First days of school

School has started for me again. I only have 4 classes this semester and with the exception of my A&P lab on wed. afternoons, they're all in the mornings or early afternoons. I'm glad for that since I can get them out of the way and have the rest of the afternoon to do homework or whatever else needs done. I'm pleased with them all so far. I am excited to be back in Anatomy and can't wait to dissect something! :) and the computer class I'm taking is a basic PC class so that'll be easy. It's required so I HAVE to take it. Intro to Sociology should be alright, just a little boring. Today was the 1st day of class and the instructor somehow ended up on the population of G'ville, Pitt Co. and NC and then finished off with his idea for the energy crisis (which is a high-speed train up and down the east coast) and of course, he bashed the current administration up in Washington DC a bit. Nutrition should be interesting. This will be a fun time to take it. I need to start eating healthier and could have a long time ago but I'm lazy.

In baby news, we're just waiting for the ovulation kit to tell me when to go! We're very excited but a little apprehensive about it all. I don't want to be too excited b/c the more excited I am, the more dissapointed I'll be if things don't go the way we've planned. Still, it's hard not to look forward to it.

This is totally random, but I saw a set of blinds hanging in a tree on the way home from class today with a sign that said "Please take me!" It made me laugh and if I had had my camera, I would have taken a picture to post.

Speaking of pictures, I think I forgot to mention that while at the beach a few weeks ago, Mom, Bonnie, Tiff and I went to the pottery painting place and painted a few pieces. The store's called Glazin' Go-Nuts and is located in the MP 6 shopping centre. Tiff painted a mug for Aunt Bonnie and Mom painted a plate to sit on the mantle of thier new house! I chose a light switch cover for the "baby's room" since we won't really get to decorate too much b/c we rent. Here it is:

And after posting this twice, I'm officially asking Lindsey for blogging lessons! :)

Ok, off to work on my to-do list!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Campfires, Babies & Sandy Feet!

So I haven't really blogged a lot before. I decided to start this b/c Dave and I are going to be going through some exciting and stressful stuff here pretty soon. This is a good way for both of our families (and our friends) to stay updated with all the going-ons of our baby persuit and maybe an outlet for me. :)

I start classes again tomorrow. I'm a little excited and definately ready. I only have 4 classes and am done by 12 everyday but wed. That works well with my work schedule. The only down side about school starting again is that I'll be closing at work a lot now which means not a lot of David and Lynn time. I've been out of town for 2 weeks and haven't gotten to spend a lot of time with David. I am looking forward to spending a few hours just the 2 of us this weekend.

I went camping at Goose Point will my cousin, Tiffany last week. She has been in Haiti for the past 3 months and we spent a few days getting away from everyone. We stayed in our Grandparent's camper. Grandmom came up for dinner 2 nights. It was fun and relaxing!

Then after 2 days home, I left Dave again for the beach. We had a great time with the fam and I LOVE the beach so I was happy. :)

Most of you (whoever you are!) know that we're trying to start growing our family and we have to do IUI (intrauterine incemination) to do it. We're at the point where we're counting down the days until the procedure! I mean, we're like less than 2 weeks away! We're SOSOSOSOSO excited but also a little nervous. I'm worried that it won't "stick" the first time and we'll have to do this all over again. After trying for 4 years, we're ready to be over and done with all this! :) Now that we have a plan, we're feeling a lot better about our chances. As far as we know, I should have no problems, but it's still a little nerve wrecking for us.

At the beach, we had church at the house. Chris played his guitar and led the 9 of us in some songs. It was wonderful! So intimate and real. Then, after Dad spoke a short mini-sermon, they all prayed for me and David. Dad, Mom, Uncle Doug, Aunt Bonnie, Matt, Megan, Tiffany & Christopher all stood around me and put their hands on me and prayed that the Lord would be with us during the procedures and would bless us with a baby. It was such a sweet time of fellowship and love with my family. Very sweet.

So now it's in the Lord's very capable hands and I am not allowed to worry about it! :) But you're free to pray about it please! :)

I guess that's all for now. Time to get ready for work.