Friday, September 20, 2013


-- Josh and I were talking about his having to wait until spring to play soccer because it was too late to sign up for fall and he said, "In the spring, Grandaddy will be all better! I really love that guy."

-- Brenda was talking about Emily wanting to have breakfast at her wedding reception and I showed her a photo of the most adorable baby pancakes stacked up with a blueberry on top and Brenda said "I don't know; that would take so long to make and then they'd be's stressing me out and she doesn't even have a ring yet!" Just then her phone rang and Joshua piped up with "There's your ring, right there!" 
Update: Emily and Jason were engaged last week! :-D

-- "I love Daddy, and I love Mama, and myself loves me."

-- Me: Good morning! How'd you sleep? 
Joshua: Good. 
Me: Did you have good dreams?
Joshua: Yes. 
Me: What did you dream about?
Joshua: Us going to Sweet Frog...with Beth. 
Me: With Beth?!?!
Joshua: Yes! I love Beth. She's my girlfriend. 
Me: But she's married!
Joshua: I know, but she's still my girlfriend!
Me: Oh, ok. Why do you love Beth?
Joshua: Because she looks pretty. 
Me: Is that the only reason? It isn't because she's kind, or thoughtful, or because she loves Jesus?
Joshua: No. Just because she looks pretty. 
(David laughing)
Joshua: Um, we weren't talking to you, Dad!
(Beth is my cousin's wife and Josh has been in love with her for at least half of his life.)

-- We found a hopgrasser! (Grasshopper) 

-- While holding and observing a grasshopper:
Joshua: Where is his tongue? 
Me: I don't know. I'm not sure grasshoppers have a tongue.
Joshua: How do they taste their food?!
Me: Oh. Good question. Let's google it!

-- "That lady is so pretty that I cannot believe it."

-- Josh and I were snuggling before bed and got to goofing off, as usually happens. He was SO sleepy and a little slaphappy. We were making loud kissy noises in each other's ears and through a giggle, he said "We haven't done this in years!" :)

-- Joshua: Are we taking a shower here? (The new house)
Me: Um...we'll probably just take a bird bath because the tub hasn't been cleaned yet. 
Josh: *gasp!!* But, I won't fit!

-- While making dinner, I pulled out a few spices for Josh to smell. When we got to the curry powder (one of my favorite smells) he said "Aahhh, that smells like I'm having a good dream."