Wednesday, December 24, 2014


-- While I was frying bacon to use for cheese fries, Josh came in & asked what the bacon was for. I just waggled my eyebrows at him and he said, "Bacon pie?!!!!" 

-- Joshua & I were talking about all the things we would see and do when we go to Washington DC next year. 
Joshua: Will we see the President?
Me: No. We can go by the house he lives in but we can't see him. 
Joshua: Why not?
Me: Well, he's a very important person and is busy and not just anyone is allowed to meet him. 
Joshua: The President is mean!
Me: Mean? Why do you say that?
Joshua: Because! When people say a lie, he says, "WRONG!!!!" and bangs his little hammer thing. 
Me: I think you're thinking about a judge. The President isn't a judge. 

-- I love Joshua's sense of humor. We recently saw his school counselor in Target and after getting over the shock of seeing a teacher outside of school (because they live there, right?!), he told me that she comes to his class and reads books to the students. I asked, "What kind of books?" He answered, "Ask her." I refused and told him that I wanted him to tell me. We went back and forth about it a few times. I insisted he tell me and he laughed and said, "The book is called 'Ask Her'. I laughed and said, "Are you tricking me?" He cracks himself up. :)

-- Grammy was talking to Joshua about shapes. 
Grammy: How many sides does a pentagon have? 
Josh: What's a pentagon?
Grammy: You haven't learned about pentagons yet?
Josh: No. It sounds scary!

-- I said something to David about someone being charged with fraud and Josh said, "Who got attacked by a frog?" 

-- It had been a long week for us and we were dragging by Thursday morning. I went in to wake Joshua up for school: 
Me: Good morning! It's time to get up. 
Josh: *moan*
Me: I could sleep for a while longer, how about you?
Josh: *raises hand*
Me: Why did you raise your hand?
Joshua: More sleep. 

-- Can we go Christmas Carolson? (Christmas Caroling)

-- Grandma was telling me about her wedding ring being too big and that she was afraid she'd lose it down the sink. Joshua piped up and said, "You should have a wedding bracelet, then it wouldn't fall down the sink!"

-- Joshua is a little confused about the lyrics of "Silent Night": Silent night, hold me tight