Monday, January 25, 2010

Please pray!

Please pray for our friends, Dave and Jennifer. They have a very important meeting at 4 pm today!

In other bloggy news: When I signed up for blogger, I didn't have a gmail account. Now that I do, it logs me out of gmail whenever I sign in to blogger w/my other e-mail account. How do I stop this?! It's driving me crazy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


The slogan for Oreo is that it's "Milk's Favorite Cookie." Why wouldn't it be?! They're delicious and a family favorite. We love oreos! We eat them dipped in milk, dipped in white chocolate, in ice cream, crumbled on top of oreo ice cream, or even by themselves! They're considered a staple item at our milk, sugar, eggs, etc. :)

I'd hate to be one of those mean Mamas who eat Oreos in front of their helpless baby and doesn't share. So I shared:

He was a little unsure at first.

He kept making this face. Maybe it was too sweet?

Look at that sweet belly!

He's got the hang of it now!

Oreo - Josh's favorite cookie :)