Friday, June 7, 2013


-- Gymnaskits (gymnastics)

-- I taught Josh the Pete & Repeat joke last week. He attempted to tell it back to me later and this is how he told it: "Pete fell out and Repeat fell out. And know what was left? Golds! They stole it. They're pirates. But they're nice pirates so they have a magic broom that they bought from a man. They sweep the walls & floors and clean everything up. And they gave the gold back." 

-- Josh used some of his birthday money to buy a snorkel and mask. He's been dying to try it out in the pool but just can't work up the courage. We keep trying to get him to practice in the bathtub. Anyway, Josh & I were at the pool one day last week and David met us there when he got home from work. Josh asked me to text David to please bring the snorkel when he came out but he forgot. Josh didn't notice until a while later and was quick to reprimand his Dad. "You didn't bring my snortle!" ;) 

-- David & Josh were playing "doctor" and Josh had given David a very elaborate bandage complete with a prescription. Later on that evening, David mentioned that something hurt (I don't really remember.) Josh heard him and said "Oh, ok. So I need to do the doctor thing again?"

-- On our way to a birthday party Saturday afternoon, we drove by North Hills mall. I commented that I had forgotten about the farmer's market being out there that morning and should have gone by to get a few things. They were also building a sand sculpture under a huge tent. I pointed it out to Josh and he said, "That's where Chick-fil-a is!" (There is a Chick-fil-a next to where the tent was.) David said, "The kid knows where every Chick-fil-a is. "Yep," I said, "He's got his Poppa's built in Chick-fil-a locator." To which Josh responded, "And Sweet Frog, too!" 

-- J: I wish I had bunk beds. 
Me: Yea, that would be cool. Dude & Matt used to have bunk beds. 
J: Oh cool! When Matt would go to Dude's house? 
Me: No, when they were kids. They shared a room & had bunk beds. 
J: Where did they live? 
Me: With Poppa & Grammy. When we were kids, we lived with our parents. Just like you live with your parents. 
J: Where was I? 
Me: You weren't born yet. 
J: Was Mae Mae there? 
Me: No. She lived with her family. 
J: Was Grammy a kid, too? 
Me: No, she was a grown up. Grammy's been a grown up longer than me & Dude & Matt. 
J: Oh! You were the children and Poppa & Grammy were your parents?? 

(A few things I love about this little conversation: Josh thinks he's always been around, he thinks all 3 of his Aunts have always been a part of our family, and he thinks all adults are the same age and therefore must have all been kids at the same time.) 

-- Let's go to the "bowling action"! (This is what Josh calls the bowling alley.)  

-- J: Will you rub my feet? 
Me: *petting them lightly just to be silly* 
J: That's how you pet a cat! Do it like this...

-- Hallejulah! (With hands raised and eyes closed...and very Southern-like.) ;) 

-- While playing a game of Sorry!, (Which Josh calls "I'm Sorry") he got an 11 card, which says to move 11 places OR change places with an opponent. It was just the two of us playing and I didn't have any pawns on the board. He was very upset because I told him he'd have to just move 11 spaces. He said, "But Mom, I know I can move 11 but I want to change with a ponnent!" He's Ser. I. Ous. about "I'm Sorry!" 

-- Josh is slowly starting to say things the right way. It's sad when he said the right word for something all of a sudden. He doesn't always call soda "spicy drink" anymore and thinks it's hilarious that one of our friends calls it "pop." ;) He does still say "lemlade" (lemonade) & "Hultch" (Hulk). :)