Sunday, October 9, 2016


-- Joshua: Snuggle with me!

Me: No, not tonight.

Joshua: But you haven't snuggled with me in years!

-- I took a bad fall at school and bruised my back and butt. I kicked/tripped over Joshua's stool in the kitchen a few days later. 

Me: Ugh!! I'm determined to kill myself this week. It's gonna happen. 

Joshua: Noooo! I don't want you to die. You're too young to die!! 

-- Ooh! Expanded form...I LOVE this! 

-- Joshua had a substitute two days one week. On the way home from school he said, "I hope Mrs L is back tomorrow because I'm over this substitute thing!"

-- We saw a flock of little birds fly over one evening and I wondered out loud where they were going. Joshua piped up, "Maybe they're hibrating. Hibrating? No, hibernating!!"

-- Upon seeing a baby picture of himself:

Joshua: Wow! That must have been a long time ago. 

Me: It was! It was 7 years ago. You were 3 months old. 

Joshua: Oh man, you've had me for a long time! 

-- While reading a book about dinosaurs: Supersaurus wore his shades to school. Yea, he was super....supersaurus! 

-- Joshua: Can we watch "Back To the Future"? 

David: You sure? It's an old movie. Like 30 years old.

Joshua: Is it in black and white?

-- After finally losing all of his loose teeth and being able to bite a sandwich again:

Oh man, I haven't eaten like this in years!!

-- While playing basketball: Airballs are really hard. I've done it like ten times in one game and won!

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